Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, September 17th, 2017


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sananda and I come today to wish welcome to the new era that has taken a great step forward. Up till now all wars have been stopped, which have been attempted to start up. There are loving and conscious beings that sit on many important posts today and they have seen through all attempts to sow divisions on our Earth. I am honored and humble in the face of their courage and determination to turn this world to a brighter and more beautiful place for all to live on.

I am also grateful for all the people that now are in service to the light are willing to wake up and pull their straw to the stack. It is not an easy thing to wake up and become aware of one self and the world you live in. It means that many of the values you have will have to be discarded and replaced by new ones. It means that one has to see one self with a searching eye and forgive one self for not having understood how things should be if one wants to be a loving being towards one self and others. Deep inside you have that love there, the difficulty is often to bring it out, as much else needs to be discarded at the same time.

I am proud of the work you do my dear brothers and sisters. I have also gone through this work and know how difficult it can be to throw off the veil and discover that you stand naked in front of God. I am grateful that God is only love and that for him/her only forgiveness exists when you decide to turn back home again. When your decision is made your journey immediately becomes easier. Everything works for you the moment you choose love for yourself and thus also for others. Many of you have chosen love today. They work in the service of love and try to wake up their brothers and sisters. They do an excellent job as there are many who have woken up today and they in turn wake up others. All this is well and good for the humanity that now has chosen to ascend together with Mother Earth. She watches and protects you in many ways at the same time as she herself works on her own ascension. Mother Earth is trying to adjust her process so that it is synchronized with yours. She wants that all her protégés come with her. Her will is our law and we do all we can to assist her and you with this.

It is a long process, but now we can see the end of the tunnel. Everything has calmed down a bit. I can hear protests regarding this, but from our perspective it is true. The waves have diminished in size and the whole of humanity has become more loving. You can even notice this in the animals today. This does not mean that there is not much to do dear friends. There is still much to take hold of and help with. There is many a veil that still needs to be lifted so that the understanding of love and its place on Earth can be confirmed. There are still many closed hearts, as they do not know how to open them up. They have not been given a chance to understand that they and others can be loving, and that only the best can be good enough for them. It is so dear children that only the best will be good enough for you and your fellow humans and the Earth is still halting a little bit. However, be of good cheer as other times are waiting and not even the most unwilling can stand up against the love that is pouring down towards you. The winds of love are blowing and you with it. Look forward to a time of joy with much love and singing.

I leave you now with this song in my heart.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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