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Sananda via Camilla Nilsson, April 10th, 2018


Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

Channel Camilla Nilsson



First I want to tell you what happened to me the same day that I received this message, below.

The previous week I found a site on the net where women with different fates in life and positions had been interviewed. I thought I would also like to be among them and share from my history. I thought about writing to them and leave the link to my home page. However, I did not do it – I thought that would be too aggressive.

The day that I am talking about, April 9th, when I later go the message a journalist called me. He said he was reading my home page and he would very much like to write and article about me. He was calling from the site that I had thought about contacting. The message below was delivered during one of my fantastic group course (in Swedish), but it is also meant for you to read.



It is I, Sananda, who once again come through via this channel Camilla.

You should now that I can see you. I am a part of you. My consciousness is not as limited as yours. For me there are no limitations, I flow, I am. I am here for you – always have been. I wish to help you. I want you to understand the help you can receive and the potential you all have – each one of you. To understand that you are here to receive this message – telling the truth about you: Your greatness, your goodness, your wishes to help, your courage, but also your doubts. That is holding your back. Let go of your doubts, see your opportunities, see your potential, see what difference you make for real. Even if you cannot always measure the difference you make, the importance your work has, never doubt that you make a difference.

We have worked hard with our channel, Camilla, in order to get her to where she has arrived. Understand that you are not different. Understand that hard work pays off. It gives rewards, even if you do not always know exactly what will come out of the work you do. Your rewards are different, but believe me we reward hard work. What Camilla has told you today about her reward, how she has gotten her prayers answered, is an example. You all have different paths in life, and goals and wishes. Have the courage to follow your path, dare to progress towards your goal and dare to think that your wish can become reality. Meet your fears, challenge yourself. We reward you for the progress that you make, so be open and receive. Miracle can happen!

Jesus, Sananda




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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