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Sananda via Diamond Light Foundation, December 24th

Living as a Christ

This is the time for you to do your part in fulfilling the ages old prophecy that speaks of the Second Coming of the Christ! Each of you has been invited by your own God Presence to live on Earth as an embodied Christ and I am spiritually present right now and always to encourage each of you to accept the joy and responsibility that comes from being a vital participant in this 2nd coming! It has taken millions of years for the hearts and minds of many of you to be in a place where you could even hear this call or to even realize that it was meant for you! Rather than one man or woman returning to Earth as a Christ, many of you are already in the process of creating a magnificent global Group Avatar designed to assist in encouraging as many as possible around your world to live in Unity or Christ Consciousness!

What does it feel like to live as a Christ and to be completely devoted to the continual integration of the Creator’s Love and Light throughout the whole of your being? What does it look like to be such a powerful example of Christ Consciousness that it inspires others to do whatever they can to integrate and live this possibility in their own lives? How can you be such an effective instrument and good example of living as a Christ that it initiates this desire within the hearts of others?

In addition to the depth of your desire to be an active partner in bringing the consciousness of the Christ into your world, comes your agreement to integrate all the qualities you would attribute to any living master. In our last newsletter we mentioned that there are at least thirteen very pure and powerful Sacred Sounds and Divine Rays and that were placed within your original sphere of consciousness so that you would always be able to use them to support you in living as a Christ. This number has now expanded to 33, which corresponds to your 33 vertebrae so each one is prepared to support and expand each of the frequencies necessary for making a full-body ascension into Unity or Christ consciousness.

A full ascension means that everything in your mind, heart and body is in full alignment with all of the frequencies that make up the Body of Consciousness you refer to as The Creator, Source or Mother/Father God. The more you sustain the Divine unlimited qualities of your Creator, the more instilled those qualities become within your own consciousness until you truly become a Christ walking the Earth in your present time. What else could possibly be more important?

For thousands of years, humanity has been living in a world where almost everyone is controlled by their ego’s desires for power, material wealth and sexual gratification. The need to be rich, powerful and sexually appealing have been keeping humanity away from their true nature and their deepest and most profound desire, which is to live in Unity or Christ Consciousness! Now is the time for this primary powerful desire to be actualized!

Many of you have already shifted away from your earlier needs because you intuitively knew that your former earthly desires would have kept you living in the 3rd dimension. You therefore redirected your earlier passions into an entirely new direction that is now allowing you to live on the Earth in freedom. Somewhere along the way, you knew that there was really no need to carry forward any of the limiting belief structures that originally brought your world into fear, lack and duality consciousness. If this is true for you, then you have surely embraced the deep knowing that your life is always providing you with everything you need to live in Christ Consciousness.

As Jesus, I lived in a deep state of trust by maintaining my unbreakable alignment with Mother/Father God. I also stayed in oneness with the “ocean” of the great unknown which kept me living in profound humility. With just one small glance into the vastness that I knew, you would most probably surrender any strands of connection that may still be remaining between you and your limited self. Your only desire would be to keep diving deeper and deeper into your connection with the infinite Heart and Mind of the Creator and in that oneness you would then discover that the Christ within you is your true, unlimited Self and your ONLY identity.

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