Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, April 2nd, 2018

Message from Sananda for April 2, 2018




Sananda 4/2/18

Dear-hearts, children, friends and fellow warriors of the light, I am your brother and friend Sananda here to reassure you friends that all is indeed going quite well! For as the light permeates all things, the darkness and dross – the misguided energies – have no where to go, but to be transmuted by this radiant light from Source! And this is most excellent news of course, is not? For you are ready for more light – the human collective has decreed this, and indeed, you are, and shall receive, your hearts’ desire, friends.

Today I would like to give a simple message for you, dear friends. And it is this; the struggle is over. The pain and the waiting for external provisions is long past. You will be able to create – manifest – anything needed for yourself or for the others that serves the highest good of all. It is time to simply relax into joy! Relax into your purpose, for that is what brings you deep satisfying joy. If your heart sings you should do more of that! For the time of the grindstone is over.

It is time to put your heart into your passion and it will be less of work and more of joy. This is coming ever nearer, friends. Pull this reality of never-ending prosperity and endless light to you and it will become infused with and by your essence, and in so doing, you will be helping with its’ creation, as well as manifestation.

For you are creators! You are beings of the highest light and love, here now for assisting with the creative process of restoring Gaia to her former glory and radiance. And in so doing this act of selfless service, you will become more of this as well, and all will ascend as one. For that is the experience you have decreed, oh mighty human collective. Yes you are in the process of remembering who you are, and together there is no stopping you or the advancement of your radiant light from transforming everything you touch! And everything around you is blessed by this energy upgrade.

I say again – the struggle is over. The light has won. Relax into joy and claim your place on New Earth and let us create this glorious experience together!

I am always here for you. I am your Sananda. Be at peace and be in joy!

~ galaxygirl