Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 25th, 2018

Message from Sananda for March 25, 2018



Sananda 3/25/18

Greetings friends and family of the light, I am your Sananda, or friend Jesus, for those who are more comfortable and familiar with that name. It matters not, for I am who I am, and all I care about is that we are talking, friend, and becoming reunited, reacquainted perhaps, on your part, but know that I have known you from the beginning. And we have had many adventures together, friend.

And yes, indeed, you are having another adventure now, are you not? On ascending Gaia, no less, the planet who has been injured so much is now ascending into the light once more, victorious in her learnings, her adventures and her compassion in waiting for humanity to tag along is unfathomably kind. She waits for those who have so wounded her and her kingdoms not much longer. For the time of the old ways of running things is now past.

A new day dawns on beautifully rising planet Nova Gaia and friends, you are experiencing the ride of your lives! And I see that many of you are quite weary and yes, it has been a relentless pace of upgrades and downloads – and to have been feeling down, then up, and so on, have you not? And so I want to reassure you that of course this is very normal with all of the upgrades, that your adjusting and changing bodies have been experiencing daily, if not moment by moment. And you are all doing splendidly, with the grace and ease of masters, as our Pegasus friends said recently.

You, my friends, are die hard adventurers, thrill seekers of the universe who dive into a seemingly impossible situation or planetary system and “system bust it”, and allow in the light. And of course, this is what you are doing here now on Mother Gaia, but on a much grander, more intense stage than ever before. For you are also system busting the dross of the misguided and misinformed human collective, who so needs your compassion and of course your transmutation prowess.

For you have been told numerous times and in numerous ways, that you are doing this each time you face your own darkness, demon, pain – call it what you like, it is all the same, for at its’ root it is just fear; fear of failure, of lack, of loss, of betrayal, of pain. Did you see a commonality here yet that it is really fear of separation of Source? Well, I am here tonight to reassure you that this is impossible, this is the great trick, the grand deception / experiment that is now high time this ends.

For how could Source – who is all and in all – ever be separated from itself? How could this be? Shall we do a brief exercise together? Please recall some of your most painful moments in this lifetime. Were not these experiences profound? Were they not pivotal for you and did they not shape you in some way and either bring you closer to me or to your higher self, or away for awhile, so that you could experience more things, and further enrich your understanding of that experience?You have Source within you. Therefore you are the eyes and ears and heartbeat of Source in a small but mighty fractal form here to experience, to do, to be. And now you remember, do you not, your role in being Love and light to the others, to those who can not yet see or understand this?

Think about knitting a scarf. Knots make the end complete of one color so that another color can be interwoven and start a new design. So you, friends, are the new color, the new design! And you are weaving – knitting – creating a beautiful tapestry of newness all over Gaia and imprinting the new planetary grid with your light. I must confess I have never knit anything and this channel tells me my analogy needs work. Perhaps weaving? Ah, that makes more sense. Yes. I remember watching my mother Mary weave for me. She was – is – such a beautiful master – as are you, friends! And we are in this together – knots and all! And all is going beautifully!

Call on me, for I am always around. I am your brother and friend, Sananda.

~ galaxygirl