Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 4, 2018

Message from Sananda for March 4, 2018



Sananda 3/4/18

Greetings friends and family of the light, of tough choices remembered and forgiven. I assure you, whatever it was you are trying to forgive of yourself has long been forgiven. For truly the concept of forgiveness that humanity has concocted is far from the original intent or understanding. For truly there is nothing to forgive, it is all experience. So let’s be at peace about all of that, whatever “that” may be for you. Let me expand your heart and let’s let more light in there together. For that is the ultimate goal and road to healing many of your experiences and aspects. Open up your heart more and more until breathing in and out love is but a natural extension of you! Ah, it is a glorious feeling and revelation when you are able to do this.

And now, for the thought topic that is on many of your minds and hearts, this one wishes for me to discuss “the event.” Well, it is a bit complicated and yet simple at the same instant. In many ways, friends, you are the event as you expand and hold more light and love, you change the paradigm and you are crumbling the matrix. You all could get t-shirts that say “Matrix Crumblers” or “Matrix Blasters” or something of the sort. For you are today’s superheroes of sorts. Don’t all of your superheroes have major challenges and character flaws or something from their past that they are wrestling with and must overcome? Yes, of course they do. This is part of what makes them powerful, for as they work through their own darkness they discover the power of the light within them, and the power and freedom of their own forgiveness as they heal from whatever it was that was blocking them and instead of being crushed by it, whatever their “it” is, they choose to fly.

You my friends are in the process of this right now. As the light surge of the Mother’s honey love and unconditional love breath surges towards you through the portal extending above your Earth, and I assure you, yes, it is indeed coming, this is indeed happening Now so best be ready. For this honey love of golden liquid light is being poured over Earth as a golden chalice brimming full with light extends itself. You are being doused with it! In another channeling I talked about love bursts, love dots being all around and letting them stick to you.


This is the same concept. Love is all around, not that there is more love now than there was, but it is more accessible to you, and we have been given the go ahead by Prime Creator to intervene more as now that the collective of Humanity is in the process or throws of awakening and the vibrational match is there. We can help more, so more is available now more than ever before to you! Isn’t that exciting?

In your superhero stories after their power is realized there is normally some sort of battle, yes? Aha, and here we are now, for the light and the dark are in the process of realizing that of course the light always wins, and those on both sides are playing their parts out well in the grand experiment. But you know the ending. There is no cliffhanger to this movie, for we know that the light, that Love always, always wins! And you my friends are the vehicles of this love. Whether you love with pocketfuls of money or with hugs or with giving of time or resources, it matters not, for it all matters deeply to the Mother of all, that you are her vessels and vehicles of love!

And so friends, open up to Love on all levels, within every resource that you have available and let it in. Pretend the event of honey love, of unconditional love is here now all around you and feel it. Drawn it towards you in this way so that your energy signature will already be attuned it when it happens. I know this time imminence irritates you for those who love to plan, but yes it is happening now, for what is time? It is an illusion. Best to throw away the dates and the rates and breathe in the new paradigm the new currency of love!

For in this new paradigm all needs will be met! All joys will be complete! It will be heaven on Earth and you my friends are the bringers of this new revolution, of love that is sweeping away the cobwebs of yuck that are no longer necessary to experience. Let that go, and let the light clean and clear away all that no longer serves you. And let the love light of the Mother truly become a part of every aspect of you. Allow me to assist you with this if you like, for it is one of my specialties and great joys to serve my family if the light, may brave brothers and sisters who have embodied in such an auspicious time.

So put on your superhero outfits and let us bring love light to all who are hurting and to all around be us, for that friends, is your current mission, should you accept it! And many – most of you in this group already have, fully embraced this and it deeply warms my heart. You are so loved and so supported.

I love you. I am your brother Sananda. Call on me anytime.

~ galaxygirl