Love is our new reality

Sananda via James McConnell, January 6th, 2019

LORD SANANDA  (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Sananda.

As always, it is wonderful to be with you in this way to be able to share and be a part of your expression–not here in the 3D world, though, but in the higher dimensions which you are all now moving into, even though many of you do not yet realize it.  But Yes, indeed, you are spanning two or more dimensions at once, truly one foot in one, and the other in the higher vibrations.

But it is time now for all of you to move more fully into those higher vibrations and higher dimensions, so that you are not spanning between the two as much.  True, it is very difficult to leave the third dimension completely behind, as most of you are not yet ready to do this.
But those times are coming as you continue to move through this transition with much help from those from above, those from below, all of the energies that are coming into the planet now.

And yes, those waves of energy that are truly entering the atmosphere here in the earth.  Even your instruments are beginning to pick up these energies now, beginning to become aware of these waves of energy; not sure what they are, because this has never happened before here on this planet.  But it is happening now.

You are going to feel the effects more and more of these energies.  Right now, these energies are creating somewhat of a scattering within yourself of the energies, feeling a sense of being in both places at once, so therefore, not being focused, not being centered as you have been previously.  This is purposeful that this would occur.  Because as these energies continue to come in, you will continue to acclimate to them just as you have been to the previous energies from the years past.

But I tell you now, these energies are going to become stronger and stronger and stronger.  And they are going to create some sense of chaos throughout the planet.  It is already doing so.  You are seeing the uprising of the many across the planet that have had enough.  They have had enough of the old ways.  They have had enough of the old paradigm.  And they are ready for something new.  They know they want something new, but they are unsure what that could be, or if that even could be.

But you yourself know that as these energies continue to rise as the chaos continues to increase, and increase it likely will, but also know that as the chaos increases, there is a sense of, call it structure that is right there to replace it.  Call it peace, call it calm.  For everything has been foreseen.  Everything.  Nothing is being left to chance, as truly all is being orchestrated in these moments, and will continue to be orchestrated throughout the many changes that are ready to befall this world, this planet.

And those of you, all of you, the Lightworkers, the -warriors, the -sharers, and –bearers:  you are not only the ones who are bringing all of these changes in, and calling for these energies to come, but you are also the ones who will work with these energies and help to spread them in the knowledge and the knowing of what these are to your brethren, your brothers, your sisters, everywhere so that they can begin to awaken as well.

Of course, not all will awaken.  Not all are ready to awaken.  But that is not for you to be concerned about.

Your only concern is your continued awakening and to assist those that are ready to awaken as they become ready.  This is your mission at this time.

You all will have various parts of this:  have parts of this now, but even if you feel like you have not yet come to your mission, it is coming.  You will be notified in many different ways and in many different means through your dreams, through synchronicities, directly from your higher selves, or other guidance.  You will be shown the way, shown what you’re mission, your purpose at the time will be.  So do not be concerned that you are being left out of the party, for you are not.

All are here to attend.  All have their parts to play.  Just be patient and allow everything to come forward within you.  You will be guided as to the necessary steps to continue to take, as you continue to move through this transition and through your individual ascension processes.

I am Sananda, and I step aside now for my Beloved to come forward and speak to you briefly.