Love is our new reality

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Sananda via James McConnell, July 17th


Yes, this is “Sananda”. Quite an auspicious time we are entering in these moments. Many things in the works. Many things are changing. Many things behind the scenes as always.

We know that you are waiting patiently, and some not so patiently, for these things to develop. To be able to see with your own eyes and hear with your ears the actions that are actually happening. That many of the things that we have spoken about are real. And that the dominoes we have spoken about are real and are really going to fall. I can assure you now that is the case.

It is not happening on your time table and it is even somewhat not happening on our time table. It is happening according the God Source, Prime Creator. As we patiently wait and look toward those many things that are going to be altered as a result of all that is happening. If you look closely you will see many things that are changing.

All you need to do is to look at the various announcements that have come out. Look at the Cabal that is in the throes of being defeated here now. Watch for announcements of arrests that are coming. Not that they have happened yet, although many have. The ones that you are looking for have not yet happened because it is not yet time. It is all in the works.

The floodgates have opened and it is only a matter of waiting a little longer and the frequencies rising a little higher so that these things that have spoken of, been prophesied of, will occur. So as you have heard many times, be of good cheer. Sit back and be ready to enjoy the show. Many things are about to happen. When it does there will be no question in your minds any longer whether this is real or not. Whether this is a figment of your imagination or not.

You will know that you have come at a very auspicious time in your evolution. There will be no question when the first of these dominoes begins to fall. I should say the larger dominoes fall for several already have. The exit of Great Britain was a domino that fell. And it set off a reverberation effect of many other countries to leave the European Union. This is but a small portion of all that is yet to come. It is a catalyst that triggered many things to follow after that.

Eventually in the not too far off future, you will have the “Event”. You will have that great galactic energy come from the Galactic Central Sun. It will create a consciousness shift across the entire planet.

So, wait a little bit more. Be a little more patient. Everything is about to shift. It is already in the shifting process now. You, yourselves, can look within. Just the last two or three years look at the changes within you. Remember, so within, so without. The changes that happen within you extend outside and change the exterior as well.

I leave you now as “Sananda”. Know that I am always with you. I have been and always will be with you. Call on me when you and call on those who work alongside of me.

I am “Sananda”. All of my peace and love be with all of you.


Channeled by James McConnell