Love is our new reality

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Sananda via James McConnell, March 5th, 2017

I Am Sananda. Often I come to this group to speak in this manner, to be a part of the expression that you are now. And often I come with words of encouragement, words of letting you know that you are close to the end, that you are close to the finish line. And yes even today that is still so.

But I wish to speak today about the many changes that are happening in the background, the ones that you cannot yet see. Some of you are beginning to become aware. Some of you are awakening from this slumber that you have been in for so long a period of time and some around you are also beginning to awaken from this slumber because consciousness is shifting. There is no doubt about that. If you could see from our point of view here in our ship the New Jerusalem, if you could see as Ashtar and I see and many others, as we look down upon the earth and we see the flickers of light coming on where before there was just but an ember. Now there is a flame burning within. This is what is happening and these flames are quickening across the planet more and more every day. Every moment a new one wakens, a new one begins to shift. And this is a grand time for all of us to experience the shift to experience this change because you have all been working toward this. Even if you do not know that you are doing anything, even if you think you are just going about your life daily and coming to a group such as this once a week and that that is all you are doing, even that as you do it, is accomplishing an immense amount of change and shift in consciousness. If you could but only know how much you are affecting the whole and how the whole is affecting you for as one reaches out to another that other reaches out to another one yet and again and again and again. This is how the light is spreading. This is how consciousness is changing, how love is being shared across the planet.

You are the ones that are doing this. We are here to assist but we cannot do it for you. Now there are those across the planet — relatively few — that are attempting to hold back all of this. Hold back all of this momentum of the light because they are not comfortable within the light. They are only comfortable within the shadows. But I tell you now that the shadows are becoming illuminated. They are being brought out of their shadowy state and being brought out into the open and illumined for all to see for all to be aware of. And this is the process now that is about to completely shift so that many, many more become aware of all that has been kept hidden and is no longer to be hidden, it is to become revealed as the truth. I speak now of many things: your political system, your financial system, the what many call the horrendous system of human trafficking. And yes I am speaking about that.

And yes I am speaking about this because it is about awareness, it is about consciousness shifting and if you are not aware of this — those of the ‘collective you’ are not aware of these changes — then you continue to sleep you continue to be programmed. So the sleeper must awaken! The sleeper must become awakened. And as you awaken you help the collective consciousness or the universal mind of man to awaken as well.

There are many things happening. There are many arrests that have already happened, many have already been taken off world. You are not aware of this because they have been replaced by — believe it or not — holograms. They have been replaced by a holographic representation of themselves. But not the kind of hologram that you know of. Certainly not. But the holograms I speak of now are physical in the sense that you can touch you can feel them they have emotions but they are deprogrammed from what they have been before. They have been enlightened from what they have been before or illumined. So the ones that still have that darkness within them many have been taken out of the picture. Not in the sense of a three-dimensional execution but taken out away from this planet and rehabilitated, given the opportunity to move back to the Light for no one is ever lost unless they choose in the final analysis to lose themselves. And this of course as anything, is their choice.

So do not be concerned about that. Be concerned now about yourselves and those around you, those loved ones around you as you continue to reach out to assist in any way that you can. Because this is what you came here for, my brothers and sisters, you came here to be Love, to share Love. You came here to assist in this transition period and eventually you came here to be a part of this ascension process and to assist in the ascension. This is your mission. This is your mission. This is what you came here for. And many of you are yet to be called into service. But to be called into service you will be, because as the One Who Serves has said many times you are in training. You are in training to become the one that you were meant to be and are and have always been.

I Am Sananda. I will release now to another who will share with you briefly about the ships and what is coming as a result of this. All of my peace and love be with all of you.

Remember I and all of us that mentor to you at this time are always within just a whisper away. You only need to call out to us.

Peace and love be with all of you.