Love is our new reality

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Sananda via James McConnell TRANSCRIPT, October 22nd, 2017

I AM Sananda. Always wonderful to be with you.

As these energies continue to rise continue to accumulate across the planet and all of you feel these energies in different ways. Some of you are feeling the bliss, some of you are feeling the doldrums that come from this at times for it is a tax, you might say, on your central nervous system. It begins to work on your body as you have not been used to before. But as I have said many times and others you are acclimating to these energies. You are working through them and being a part of the change, the shift that is going on across the planet.

You are those ones: the catalyst for all of this. And these energies are now beginning to shift and change and morph into other energies that are going to bring about a shift and a change in those external things you see here as well. You hear of events you hear of many mini events that are going to happen and are beginning to already happen. You hear of the dominoes that are going to fall or have already begun to fall. All of this is in process now. All of this is in motion. And you are going to begin to hear certain announcements that are going to come forth; certain things that are what have been said for a very long time here that are going to begin to climax now, come to a shift, a change that is going to move you and all of the planet to the next level. All of this is in motion. You are the ones that are bringing this about.

You are the ones that have been anchoring this energy and are now spreading this energy more and more.

And it is all about energy folks. It is all about energy and shift and change and consciousness and love.

Love is all that there is; all that there ever was; all that there ever will be … and you are the love. You are the ones that are spreading this love.

So as this love continues to spread, people across the planet will also begin to change and shift their consciousness. And as their consciousness begins to shift more and more, it will overtake the consciousness of the dark ones — those ones that have been attempting to hold this back as much as they can, attempting to hold on to the old paradigm because this is what they’ve known. This is what they’ve always known. This is what they always thought they would have.

But even they are beginning to realize that their time is up. The jig is up you might say. And they know this and are preparing for this as well. But they are not going out without a struggle. They’re not going out with a whimper. They are doing everything they can to hold on and go out with a shout.

But go out they will and go out they are because it has been determined, it has been decreed that this is the end. This is the end and the beginning of the next Golden Age. And there is nothing anyone anywhere can stop it now because it has been decreed by Prime Creator by Source Itself, has been decreed that this is to be so.

So all of you now sit back, relax, but do not take your foot off of the pedal. And we say this purposely now so that as you can continue to know that you are the ones, you are the catalyst, you are the ones that need to continue this whole process, this awakening process. This is all about helping more and more people to awaken to who they are, to realize that this is just an illusion, has been an illusion for so long.

And, as my dear consort Lady Nada has said, there is no veil. It has not been there for a very long time and it is only in your mind yet, only in the programmed mind that the veil still exists. So let it go now. Let it all go and realize that you are moving into the higher dimensions now. You are moving into the higher vibration. And as you continue to move into the higher vibrations all that has been a part of the old illusion will be gone.

I AM Sananda. I leave you now in all of my love and peace and tell you now to share wherever you have the opportunity to share and help others grow just as you have.

All of my peace and love be with all of you.