Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Jeanette Svärdby, August 19th, 2018

Message from Sananda received at a Lightworker meeting in

Stockholm Sweden on August 19th, 2018

Channel: Jeanette Svårdby


Dear friends,

It is with great joy that I come to you in this now, my dear friends, my dear sisters and brothers. I am Sananda. I am with you and several of our common friends in the higher spheres. We are many who in this moment with great joy see your work. You have done a big job with yourselves and we can see how demanding it is for you at times, as your physical bodies are noticeably impacted at times by all the processes that you go through in order to receive more and more light in your systems to transform that which is not of the light in your bodies.

We can see how the people around the planet more and more wake up to a consciousness after having been asleep, blinded and note they more and more see and hear their inner guidance. You receive more and more of the light in your systems and you can feel it, you who are awake, how your physical bodies, energy bodies, vibrate more.

It has been and still is a most intensive time for you, as tiredness, among other things, is something you are familiar with – it is one of many symptoms you might have noticed. Many of you have experienced questions, thoughts, feelings literally whirling around you and making you confused – Who are you? What do I know? Do I know anything? – Questioning and doubting your own abilities – questioning and doubting your saneness.

This is the way it is. We can say that programmed old patterns, systems that have existed in your system fall by the wayside, but they have been noticeably strong for a time now. Going forward you will notice that this is weakening, that it is shifting and you let new forms of thoughts take hold that are more beneficial for you. You notice more your thoughts as you become more awake and your consciousness start to focus on thoughts that are beneficial for you, which also forms your outer reality.

As you are in touch with your heart, your inner wishes, feel your inner wishes, see your inner wishes. You will let it take shape by holding your focus on what you want, what you wish and consciously create what you are worth, dearest friends.

In order for you to keep your focus and your balance the importance of stillness is enormous. Regain your balance through stillness, by being in nature and you see more clearly. I want to emphasize here how important it is to keep your balance. The energies are enormously intensive now and will continue to be so during periods of time. Everything is happening very fast, very intensively.

During times when you feel that nothing is happening I want to say that very much is happening in different layers of yourself. These moments can feel as a reprieve from intensive periods and here I want to remind you of life… that you experience life… you are and do the things you love, that which fills you, and socialize with people who gold-plate your moment; laugh, smile, beloved friends, jump, dance – do what you fill up with.

Many can find themselves in a serious feeling regarding their waking up process and here I want to say that the life you experience is to be experienced and how you experience it is your own choice – you have the option to choose lightness, joy and in this the freedom; I wish for you to choose this. In the lightness, in the laughter and in joy your vibrations are held very high – which you need.

Nobody has earlier had so much work with themselves and the planet as a whole. Grand happenings are on the way outside of you and so many have shifted their energies on the inside and have raised their energies, taken in so much light that these lower energies no longer can be kept in place on the planet as a whole.

These events will happen and will wake you up and get your attention, as they will be visible to humanity, visible that which has during a very long time has been concealed from all of you – concealed in order to make it possible to manage you.

In order manage and control people information is spread, structures that have existed during a long time to keep you controlled, manageable, also in fear – often an unconscious fear. And all of this humanity has believed to be true during such a long time. Much of this will now reach its end.

It is time for new structures to be built up and let old systems collapse, which are not of love and it is love that prevails, it is the time for the entrance of love that now is and this is why you are here, dearest friends – this is what you are working for. All the beautiful work you do with yourselves is reflected on the whole planet and it is here that we with joy embrace your courage – with the greatest love we embrace you.

It is time to stand up for yourselves, to stand up for your truth, in love, to live in your beautiful hearts, to live and speak your truth, and also your courage and your sincerity. You might here find energies that can be in your system that impact you, that push you down during those moments when you want to stand up for yourselves and what you believe in – that which you wish.


Here we want you to close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

You fall more and more into connection with your heart… and let the energy in your beautiful heart expand out in your bodies… you stand anchored with Mother Earth, in the innermost core of Earth… the energies… you are connected with the Universe, with Mother/Father God and All That Is.


….. feel the warmth, the love vibrate in all you are… feel the connection to all that is….

….feel your cells, your small inner portals vibrate and be given life where slumber was before….

….in order to receive this light… codes of light…by you… you feel with your breath the air that flows through you… feel the energy in your neck being woken up to life for your consciousness….

….notice…. embrace….embrace who you are and all that you are… and stand in your light, in your power…

….live as you wish in your truth… and speak from your heart with love, in trust to yourselves…

….live in order to experience it, in order to rediscover who you are, to remember… your creation…

You are loved….we love you…we are with you when you so wish.

In love, in joy we thank you for this moment.

Thank you!

Thank you Sananda!

Thank you Jeanette!




Transcribed to Swedish: Aslög


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.