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Sananda via Jeanette Svärdby, June 2nd, 2018

Sananda via Jeanette Svärdby, June 2nd, 2018

Received live at a Lightworkers meeting in Stockholm, Sweden


In this loving moment through this channel I make myself heard and I am with you with my presence.

My dear friends, it is I, Sananda, who is with you in this moment, here to dispatch the current information to you in this moment, to go through your hearts and the sharing of the energy which the information and its vibrations impact you in many ways, dear friends.

Thanks to the intensive time that each and everyone of you find yourselves in right now and everybody around the planet. There is enormously high energies that in each moment impact you and in many ways and it is now that the lower vibrating energies that are stored in your systems will be transformed because they will be filled with the higher vibrating energies in your system and your heart – so you wake up more and more. Through your heart you are now connected with your origin – All That Is, The Divinity, your higher consciousness. Through your heart you increase this connection and then you understand the importance of spending moments of stillness in your heart connection. Important for you is to regain your balance, if you momentarily loose it, and you regain your clarity by returning to your inner center in your heart.

Additionally, you stand stronger during the meetings you go through during your everyday lives, where you momentarily so to speak can loose your balance and your focus, your connection with your center.

By returning to the connection in your innermost center your energy is strengthened again and you regain your balance, your clarity. You can then more easily differentiate between what is your own energy or somebody else’s.

As the impact of what you encounter in your outer reality during moments where you might fall into doubt about yourselves and your abilities, by momentarily diminish yourselves; you are many times harder towards yourselves and judgmental, dear friends, and we know that in each moment you do the best possible from the ability that you have at this moment and also from what you meet in your outer reality. At all times everybody acts and functions from their best ability. Know that by fast judgment you also judge yourselves.

Outer impacts from the meetings you endure during your moments in your awake state of mind – I then mean “humanly awake” and not “spiritually awake” state, again, as you know, most of you, it is your inner reflection that you get to experience in your outer reality so that you in the best way possible get to grow in your connection to your own understanding of who you are and to wake up into your consciousness even more.

By consciously understanding your reaction of your meetings in your outer reality you create there a larger understanding for yourselves and you can in this way reach an acceptance of something that you previously could not. Through acceptance growth and liberation takes place. Acceptance is key to your liberation, your freedom.

By eventually reaching acceptance of That Which Is and All That Is, you also reach higher heights of your consciousness, when you in your acceptance let go of your earlier attachments and lower energies, which many times have held you back in a sort of limitation.

As you reach a higher height of your consciousness – you reach a higher level of frequency – you receive access to more knowledge and wisdom within the frequency that you reach. In order to remain in the flow of energy it is necessary that you act in each moment that you feel you should act. To act is the only way you hold yourself in constant movement in the energy without taking a break and letting the energy become, as we would say thicker in a way.

By achieving a feeling that you should do something – whatever it is – it is also here important that you act in a trusting manner and not in the form of questioning your ability in that moment. As you as a human many times easily fall into the thought and thus in judgment of what has become visible to you. As an example in your actions it is important that you do something without going into a thought process – just act in trust, dear friends. You are then in a open flow through your heart and let the energy flow through your channel.

We also want to point out the importance of that you in your stillness take a moment to learn to separate your truth from non-truth. This is highly important for you to maintain your balance and you power and stand steady in your light and let it shine strongly. By regardless of where you come from returning to your heart center in order to feel if it is true for you, if it is true for you to let it so be, without influence from what the one who stands next to you says. Trust your truth. This is most important, as there is much information that reaches you as humanity in these days, which are of non-love.

Information that is spreading in different ways in order to hold you at a lower energy is just simply a form of fear and when you are fearful, dear friends, you can be controlled by what works from non-love. Those who from non-love work by, spreading information in different ways, also development in your outer reality in the form of lower energies, to keep you in fear and thus maintain themselves in the leading positions that they currently hold, but are more and more weakened for each moment, as the light becomes ever stronger within you. Thus the importance is very high that you in each moment, whatever you encounter, maintain emotional neutrality. Observe, my dear friends, without going into emotional connections with what you encounter.

There are big developments under way in your outer world, as in your inner world. The energies are beginning to become so high and the lower energies can no longer remain in the strength of Light that Is – and the strength of the Light That Is is becoming ever stronger for every moment, as all who wake up in their hearts also wake up in their inner light and let it take more space and become ever stronger for every moment.

As the moment when enough hearts of humanity have woken up in the inner, in their light, the is right for developments of that which you have heard referred to in different forms of a larger event that we call a larger wake up event. Here, a certain confusion may appear among them that have not earlier been in touch with this energy within them in the form of confusion and a longing of reaching an understanding of their own experience. They will then look up them who they in their hearts feel attracted to, simply, and those that then come to you is because it is you they need, as you have the ability and the experience they need, so do not fall into doubt about your own abilities in that moment, but trust that you are the right one for them that are looking you up. We also emphasize over and over again the importance of not convincing another one of your own truth, even though it is high here, but know that each one goes through his or her development at the pace they need. Instead, act in love and know that you from your heart reach the information or the actions that you sometimes feel compelled to pursue.

Mother Earth is in the same way as you going through the distancing of the lower energies and also for her this is shown in different ways. Mother Earth also wants to say that she feels an enormous gratitude to all lights that exist on her body during this time, to be of assistance with her ascension to higher energies.

I ask you now, dear friends, that you return to your heart center at this moment and close your eyes and you take some deep breaths and let your spirit through your breath ever more that are in touch with your human bodies.

Keep your focus on the powerful light that pulsates in your chest and you feel how this light expand your whole being. Through your heartbeat you are in touch with Mother Earth’s heartbeat. You are connected to the inner of Mother Earth, you stand in your own ray of light, connected with the Universe, Mother/Father God, the origin of All That Is. You feel in this moment from Mother Earths inner sanctuary that in spiraling fashion an energy is flowing through Mother Earth, then further up through your ray of light, through your human body. Through the lower energy centers there is a whirling spiral like energy, you might feel how your body is vibrating, how your body wants to start moving in a spiral action.

Through your breath you help here with releasing the lower energies that exist in different areas of the lower parts of your system in your lower energy centers. Through your breath you help to release this energy to rise up to be taken care of. In the center underneath your navel you connect with your focus and breath and allow yourselves to here feel the power you all possess. And the limiting remaining energies that have existed as expressions in your handling of the different areas of your life can in this moment with your permission and through your acceptance of that you reach the understanding of the power you possess and the connection to All That Is, which constantly wants to wake up for activation, to being with you and let you more and more be lead from your inner sanctuary.

Receive now through your channel and your hearts the energies that now in this moment are conveyed to each and every one want to receive that which is ready in your system to be activated. When the moment comes when you have reached this level of consciousness so will this which now opens up for you also be activated for you, in order for then take part of this energy to become one with you, again.

### Activation###

As you more and more wake up into your consciousness and become activated the codes will more and more become alive in order to once again become one with you. This can come as a thought that you for instance can do something in a way that you previously never have been able to imagine yourselves being capable of. The importance is here to not doubt your ability or whatever it is that become visible for you in different ways.

Have trust, dear friends, and share in the power and the love that you are and know you are loved and our wish is that you love all aspects of the one you are – you are so much more than what you today could ever imagine. It goes beyond this. You are Everything and Everything is Love. We love you. We are with you forever, in the eternal now.

All Love, my beloved friends, I am Sananda.


Translation from Swedish to English: Per Staffan