Sananda via Jeanette Svärdby, November 26th, 2018


November 26th, 2018

Channeled via Jeanette Svärdby

Lightworker meeting in Delsbo.


In this loving moment I am with you all. I am Sananda and with the Galactic Federation of light together we are gathered in this moment.

We see you with joy and with gratitude – how you step by step move forward in your inner development to take in more light within and open up for the Light you are.

Everything that is happening now takes place at an enormous speed, intensive work within, and for your bodies to absorb all the high frequency light that flows to you – everything to wake you up more in your hearts to remember who you are, to be guided from the voice of your heart, to live in your truth, and carry out the work and missions that you have taken on before you came down into this incarnation.

These undertakings will, if you today are not aware what they are, wake up more and more now at a higher speed to be visible by you, to act in you and to follow your heart and its guidance.

To live in your truth, without any fear that impacts you, fears and drama that can be on-going around you, mirroring your inside – everything in order for you to become aware of who you are, remember that you are love, to not let these fears impact you today, as they are not your truth.

You free yourself from your old limiting energies within you, old limiting patterns, that are lift up for you and magnified and sometimes magnified so that you will notice them so that you can make new choices to free yourselves from these old limiting patterns.

These are patterns or habits to do things in a certain way over and over again, but which does not lead anywhere when it comes to love, joy and ease, but a form of stagnation in your life, where you instead get to experience the same event over and over again in different forms, to see, to be able to free yourself from this once and for all.

You free yourself from very limiting energies and lower vibrating energies in your bodies, in your system, that you have carried for a long time, very long time, during many incarnations, that you in this incarnation have the opportunity to end and break from once for all.

New energies are flowing to you, that at a deep level of your existence wakes up a deeper connection within you and your origin wakes up. You remember more and more.

You are brought together with New people that vibrate in your vibration. You are brought together in order to support each other – collaborate. You recognize the energy of those that you are brought together with as if you know each other on a deeper level. You know who it is, without really knowing this on the physical level. A deeper connection is already anchored with you. Beneficial relationships open up for you. You are brought together as soul groups – some with different missions to complete in a bigger perspective, but all equally important.

You are now at the end of an era, and at the beginning of a new ear. You are at the beginning of a beginning of a birth.

Your reality becomes more clear and clairvoyant. You can hear more. You can see more and you feel more. The connection to the higher dimensions becomes ever clearer. You who have heard us before will hear us yet clearer, as we are close to each other in a cleaner communication.

Much work is being done with your bodies, with your systems. We say this over and over again and the importance of listening carefully to the needs of your bodies is high. Also, that you nourish yourselves with love, thoughts of love – nourishment in the form love, in the form of food. When we talk about nourishing of love your body will show what is wishes for. Listen to the language of your body – and develop that connection.

Much can be felt in your physical bodies at this moment – during these strong processes that are happening with you.

There is much intensive work that is happening with your lower chakra, to cleanse and get them into balance, to strengthen your connection with the earthly energy – in order to be able to keep a higher level of energy in balance. These are the higher levels of energy that impact you in different ways during your daily moments. You can suddenly feel enormously tired and the need for rest can come very suddenly. Give yourself a moment of stillness, if this is something that you experience, in order to be able to receive the light that impacts you.

Much is happening with your physical bodies at this moment – Your physical bodies that have forms of substances that have been stored in them – different forms of toxins that have introduced in different ways. Work is done to release these toxins from your physical bodies. Give your body water, and give love to this water that you consume into your body – Love and Gratitude that the water cleans your body, it helps you remove the substances that no longer should be in your physical form.

To take in this light that flows to you with more ease it is important that you sit in stillness during many moments, with achieving, but give yourselves moments of stillness, where your minds can rest, where you simply are and when you Are you are in touch with All that Is.


I ask you now to move your focus to your beautiful heart, close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

You feel the connection in your heart with the light that you Are, your original light, your diving light.

You let this light expand out in the whole of your physical body and your energy bodies, and you let this light find its way down to Mother Earth’s innermost core and connect with this energy.

You stand anchored in your ray of light, in connection with Mother Earth.

You stand connected with the Source – The Original source, All that Is.

You connect with your energy center that is in your navel.

At this moment we connect with Mother Earth’s energy center – Mother Earth’s sacred chakra.

You can feel how this connection: your energies, your energy centers and reinforced with Mother Earth at this moment.

As if you are embraced and find yourself in the womb of Mother Earth.

You feel her heart beat.

Which are your heart beats

You are brought closer in touch

You are entering more deeply into the love that is between you.

Healing energies sends to you in this now, if you wish to receive.



Energy transmission


Al lower vibrating energies that have been stored in this area are transformed to love, that which now longer is beneficial for you, that has only existed as a weight in your energy, which is seeking your embrace in the greatest love.

In greatest love we ask you to embrace who you Are, All that you Are.

That which is brought up to your surface to be embraced by you, encounter it and let go of it in greatest love.

Forgive yourself in greatest love.

Forgive your neighbor in greatest love.

Find the understanding of what you have experienced and why… and thus the understanding your gain of the situation you encounter, and you will reach a release and growth in love.

Encounter that which you are expected to encounter in your outer reality with love and with neutrality and – as much is going to play out n your outer reality. You have all transformed so much inside and everything is going very fast now. As the developments in your outer reality can seem to be of non-love we ask you to see and meet it with love and to stand in your love.

Whatever you encounter…whatever you hear, seek your truth… in order to keep your balance and your power and stand in your light. You work there in greatest love, by being neutral in what you encounter in your outer reality.

We love you and we wish you your love

Thank you,


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Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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