Love is our new reality

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Sananda via John Smallman, February 19th, 2017


Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday February 19th 2017

Humanity is on a roll.  Humanity is awakening.  Yes, of course you are very much aware of conflicts, suffering, and other chaotic happenings all across the world that are continuously brought to your attention by the various media sources you follow.  However, those are powerful indicators of the enormous changes that are in progress all across the planet.  These essential changes are being preceded by a collective releasing of vast amounts of emotional baggage that humanity has been burdened with and carrying for eons.  This emotional negativity has severely restricted your ability to see the truth of who you are – divine beings having temporary and unreal physical experiences as humans in an insane illusory environment. Insane because it allows so much pain and suffering to arise within it.

Now the collective has chosen to release all that unreality and awaken to its true nature – LOVE!

As we keep on telling you there is only Love, all that is not in perfect alignment with Love, God, Source, your higher Selves, is but a minor and irrational state of emotional turbulence in a vast, calm, and magnificent ocean of Love in which all that God creates has its eternal existence.  You, in your severely limited state of consciousness, can really have no idea of the absolute immensity of God and His infinite Love for you all.  When you awaken, as you are indeed going to, the joy that envelops you will astound and amaze you as the tiny part of you that has been experiencing the insanity of the illusion is reintegrated into the vast whole that is You and is God as One.

You were created from Source, God, Love, and therefore you are and always will be absolutely free.  You used that freedom to build an illusory environment of severe limitation that led to fear, pain, and suffering, in which you freely immersed yourselves to discover what it would be like to live without access to your Source.  Now you know very clearly that a state of separation is not a state you wish to continue experiencing, and so you have chosen to awaken from that dream state.

However, because you have been immersed in it for so long, it has become very real for you with all its negative judgments and apparent states of being right or wrong, in which the righteous righteously blame and punish the wrongdoers.

As many of you now understand quite clearly what appears wrong or sinful to one appears righteous and praiseworthy to another.  You are finally realizing that judgment is a very personal thing, even though in most societies standards of behavior have been established to which nearly everyone is expected to conform.  There are always some who consider themselves to be above society’s laws, and who, through their power and influence, are given a free pass so that they do not get called to answer for their crimes.  That is now changing because the age of information in which you live makes it impossible to keep things permanently concealed.  Unsavory truths are coming to light all across the planet, and very, very few are now able to remain above and beyond the law.

Deception concealed has been a major aspect of human life on Earth because intense shaming has been a major aspect of most cultures’ ways of raising and educating children.  Shaming or threatening to shame another takes the power from the one being threatened and allows the one making the threats to manipulate and control him.  To escape shaming children quickly learn that deception is their only defense.  It becomes so deeply and emotionally ingrained that they are no longer aware that that they are practicing deceit, especially as everyone else behaves similarly.  Modern psychology has pointed out that the majority of humans wear a mask to present to the world because the real self within is terrified to disclose itself because of its deep sense of guilt, shame, unworthiness, and incompetence.  It is terrified of being recognized because it believes that those feelings are utterly valid.

A major part of the awakening process is to recognize the total invalidity of those feelings, and to let them go.  The way to do this is to allow yourselves to open your hearts to the divine Love that surrounds and envelops you in every moment so that It may flow in filling you with an enormous sense of well-being and self-acceptance.

You are you, and you can never become someone else however much you might admire, respect, and honor another.  And the only reason that you are drawn to that other, whom you wish to admire, respect, and honor is because that person is being true to herself, and is reflecting back to you your own beauty.  Yes, many of you admire in others the aspects of yourselves that you have denied in yourselves!  Beautiful aspects of yourselves that you refuse to see.  Others see them, but you cannot accept that what they see in you is the truth of who you are, and so you put yourselves down by personal disparagement and by refusal to accept compliments that are offered to you in loving acceptance of the glory that is you.

An essential part of your awakening process is your daily visit to your inner sanctuary, that holy altar within you where the Love that is God resides permanently.  The illusion is a place of distraction and confusion where chaos reigns supreme, and its sole purpose is to make you feel separate, alone, and worthless, thus filling you with fear.  Your egos attempt to lead you through these emotional mine fields by encouraging you to feel threatened and fearful so that you will either hide behind the defenses you have erected against the outside world or attack those in the outside world who appear to threaten your safety.

However the illusion is illusory, and you are always held safe and secure within the loving arms of God.  Your daily visits to that holy altar within will confirm for you that this is the truth, and you will feel the warmth and comfort of God’s infinite and eternal Love for you if you open your hearts and allow It to enter.  You need do nothing more than this.  When you do, your energy field, the field of Love that contains you, expands enormously and draws others to you because they can feel the Love and safety that is you and they want to be in your presence.

Love is irresistible!  Love is within you because you are Love, so accept that divine Truth and follow your life path of assisting others to awaken just by being you.  Release your masks of fear that you present to the world, the masks that hide the real you, the you that is infinitely honored, respected, and loved by God.  You are all immensely powerful beings, so reclaim your power by accepting yourselves and by living the lives you chose to live as humans before you incarnated.  You incarnated to assist in the awakening process, and you do this quite magnificently just by being You.  You are all magnificent beings of Love, of Light, so let your Light shine forth in the resplendent glory that is You.

Your loving brother, Jesus.