Sananda, June 3

Channel: James McConnell

This is “Sananda”. Always good to be here with you, my brothers and sisters. Always good to be here to share with you as these times continue to move along. As you continue to raise your expectations for those wonderful times and moments that have been spoken of.

Yes, it is true, that in each moment now, this is where you are living. It is not that you are living for the future and it is not certainly that you are dwelling in the past. But you are living in the present moment now. But the present moment now continues to change, continues to move along. You, as the Lightworkers, you are the ones here to share and move the light across the planet. You are the ones to bring about all of these changes. To assist all who are working in this endeavor.

I speak now of all of those who are Lightworkers here, all of that that has been called the Resistance Movements, all of the Archangels and angels, the Galactic, the Argarthans, all of those who are here to bring in this grand movement, this grand plan into a continuing existence. You are the ones to bring this about.

As your consciousness changes so too does the world’s change. So too does the solar system consciousness change. So too the universe’s consciousness change. For you ARE the Earth. You ARE the solar system. You ARE the galaxy. We are all, all of this. We are the universe. You are ONE with all that is.

Remember that! Because you all came, we all came from that which is the One Source and we all return to the One Source once again. In that continuing motion of moving through all the various levels of consciousness, through all the eternal time, you continue to change and to evolve your consciousness until you evolve back to oneness once again. To be the ONE, that is what you are moving toward, to understand this level of Oneness.

Disclosure is coming. The Event is coming. In many respects the Event is already here or the series of events are already happening because at many levels the Event has already happened and is happening now. It is still going to happen. Because all is one and there is no separation except what the mind has created to be that separation.

Trust in yourselves, my brothers and my sisters. Find within yourself that continuing knowing of how you are changing, of how you are evolving. Because one day soon there will be that quantum leap that you have been speaking of. It is destined and it cannot be stopped. It can only be delayed but the delays are coming near an end now. For all will happen in the twinkling of an eye when those frequencies have reached the level that is necessary to bring this consciousness shift about. And you, my brothers and my sisters, are this consciousness shift

That is my message. I am Sananda. I am always with you. Peace and love be with each of you.