Love is our new reality

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Sananda via John Smallman, November 15th, 2017


Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday November 15th

As you well know – YES, you DO! – you are all dearly loved, so let go of your doubts, they are utterly and completely invalid.  You are presently in human form, and you know, because Saul and I and various other channels keep telling you and reminding you, that every human without exception is a beloved child of God.  Therefore stop trying to leave yourself out to remain alone and unloved, because to do so is impossible. OK?

All are Love incarnate because God creates only from Love, as there is only Love.  However, as humans playing the game of separation from Source, it appears to you that you are alone, unseen, and unloved in a dangerous world where your physical survival is constantly under threat of destruction.  It seems that you have to work very hard to earn your living and to avoid personal catastrophe and death.  But after birth the only sure thing is death – Today? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? In ten years? – while its timing remains unknowable.  But the only thing that is born and dies is your human body, which you use like a chess piece on the board game of separation.  YOU are an eternal and divine being, an essential, and irreplaceable part of the Oneness that is All That exists, that is God, that is Source, that is LOVE!

There is absolutely nothing to fear.  Nothing can destroy you because there is only Love, and Love is eternally One with Itself, and therefore with You.  And while still playing the game you can access the knowledge that you are infinitely more than your human body.  You do this by spending time within, where all knowledge resides and is available to you if you choose to access it.  All knowledge at once would utterly swamp or blow your human mind/brain.  However, sections or aspects that are in harmony with your pre-planned life path as a human are readily accessible in the appropriate now moment should you choose to avail of them.  All that you have to do is set the intent to be open to receive what you need now.  And it is your heart that you need to open so that the knowledge you require and desire can flow in and inspire you.

Initially, when this happens, you will be amazed and wonder where the knowledge can possibly have come from, and then you will remember that you invited it in by asking a question that your human brain was unable to answer.  Then your human brain/intelligence will instantly pick it up and run with it, building ideas and uses for it, and you may well forget that it came to you from the field of infinite knowledge to which you are always connected, and decide that it must have been your clever human intelligence that brought it to you.

There is infinite knowledge available, but mostly people are so bogged down in the trials and tribulations of life as a human in the illusion that you planned and constructed collectively, and which you continue to maintain, that they generally only access this infinite field momentarily and by “chance.”  They then thank their good fortune and continue as before.  Generally the geniuses that you honor and admire were more open to this extravagantly varied field of information, and have taken numerous creative ideas from it to use in their own spheres of interest and then share widely.

Information gathered in this way will insist on being freely shared, but sometimes those with whom it is first shared attempt and sometimes succeed in laying claim to it for their own personal benefit.  Recently, as has been well reported, there have been a number of brilliant individuals who have most cheerfully and happily shared ideas that they have “uncovered” in this way so that all may benefit, and this trend is growing as awareness of your oneness and interdependence spreads far and wide.

Awareness of humanity’s interdependence on one another, and on Earth and her ecosystem, is intensifying as more and more choose to realize the insanity of conflict.  Conflict is self-destruction.  It has been endemic on Earth for eons, but over the last one hundred years the will to peace has been growing, and over the last two or three decades that growth has been exponential.  Despite the areas of ongoing conflict, the vast majority of humans want peace.  In truth the vast majority have always wanted peace, but the intense desire among a few to have and own power over others has prevailed, as those few have engaged in extremely emotional rhetoric to persuade others that conflict is essential.  Now, however, the numbers who can be persuaded by that kind of rhetoric have decreased enormously, so although the rhetoric may continue for a while, very few will be persuaded by its transparently invalid arguments.

You are all beings of Love, and so Love is your nature.  Conflict is unnatural, unnecessary, unsought, and unwanted by the vast majority of humans, although personal conflicts still arise due to the personal choice to identify with emotions and act on them.  However, that method of self-identification, which is a powerful aspect of the illusion, especially for the young as they grow, but before they develop into mature adults and see for themselves that it is self-defeating, is rapidly being released as the awareness of humanity’s oneness with itself spreads to all corners of the Earth.

Humanity’s journey through the illusion has been long, arduous, and painful, but many lessons that were chosen as a syllabus for your educational journey have been well learnt and do not need to be repeated, hence the collective choice and decision to awaken.  You are well on the way to that magnificent moment when all pain and suffering cease as you finally become aware that there is only Life, Love, Consciousness, Source, all of which are everlasting, never ending, eternal.  There is nothing apart from This, and This is boundless, unlimited, inexhaustible, an ongoing creative endeavor of stunning beauty and complexity flowing constantly in a state of harmonious cooperation, and yet remaining beautifully simple.

A paradox indeed, but one that you will understand, wonder at, and delight in when you awaken as you inevitably will.  There are no losers, no one will left behind, because what is One cannot be divided, separated, or dismembered, It just is, eternally, in the infinite field of divine Love that contains All in perfect concordance.  This is where you are right now, in this present moment as you read or listen to this, and your full awareness of this will be uncovered.

Your loving brother, Jesus.