Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Kerstin Eriksson, February 10th, 2018

Sananda; The color of Love!

I am Sananda and I love you!
Some see me as an eagle,
others see me as the wind,
and you can also see me as
anyone you meet in the street!
The etherical element, is as the air
and the wind, the very same that you breathe.
The air surrounds you at all times!
The air is a living element, very living!
The holy spirit, is there for you always.
When you breathe, you MAKE the air holy,
as you are indeed holy!
Know that the air loves you, for every breath that you take!
Every breath you take is very precious, and you are a creator of LOVEAIR.
In the air is also water, the beloved water, is also surrounding you at all times.
It is a very fine mist, invisible to our eyes most of the time.
The water is as the air, an all-surrounding consciousness.
If you can communicate with only one drop of water, you can communicate with all waters!
It is the same with the air, if you really love each breath you take, you will be able to feel love over all, as you then become omni-present, as I am!
So I say to all my dear friends of Earth, my beloved sisters and brothers I await your
love breaths, and we will connect together as the love family as we are!
It is actually a RE-UNION I am talking about, a great meeting, long awaited
re-bonding meeting, for we are already ONE, in the name of love.
Together we create the color of love, the love air, the air that are you!
Just have faith, in yourself and always love all that is you, and believe in your dreams!
And know that every breath counts, because it is you, dear friend.
Please take your time, dear, you are my family, and I have time,
I already walk beside you always,
as I love you with all of my heart!