Love is our new reality

Sananda via Kerstin Eriksson, July 11th, 2022

Sananda Here I am.

Sananda Here I am.

I am Sananda and I love you more than you can ever believe.

I believe IN YOU.

I am just waiting for you to understand.

You already know how important you are, of course.

You already know that you must connect with your beloved sisters and brothers of Light.

To interact is the key. And it is not only a key,


You all have different knowledge, all unique, and it is like a massive wonderful bank of higher wisdom.

Your knowledge is more worth than all the money, and all the gold and diamonds of Earth.

So, why do you not take action? Why don´t you think your own knowledge could make any difference?

What is holding you back? Please dear friend, ask yourself why!

You are one in my great tribe of Earth, we are all one. And everyone´s valuable knowing must join now. It all comes together, everyone is needed.

You hold your light, that is unique for you, and together with the light from your brothers and sisters it is truly magnificent, to complete a whole, everyone must join.

Believe in yourself please, I love you very much, and remember that you are awaited.