Love is our new reality

Sananda via Kerstin Eriksson, March 29th, 2022

Tuesday, 29 March 2022

Sananda From heart to hands!

Hallo dear beautiful friend. I am Sananda, I am a soul and I am actually very old. I have lived on Earth just as you do right now.

The paths that I have walked when I lived on earth has not always been easy, no not at all.

They where many times meandering here and there, it was steep uphill and also very stony on the ground, it was not easy to walk at all.

My feet bled. they really did hurt. Many times I had to sit still and let my feet heal first. So many wounds, so much pain in every step of the way of my life.

Sometimes it is just for the best to sit still and not interact with everything around you.

Take some time out, for your self to heal and also for your own protection.

You also get another way of seeing things, another angle.

Maybe the place you where thinking of going to, does not seem as attractive after you have pondered over it for a while?

When you walk about in your life on all the different paths, sometimes you need to sit on the side of the road for a little moment.

Look closely, what do you see there? Are there flowers growing there? Is there litter lying around? Maybe you come to the insight that you have to clean your “side of your road”?

Some would say that beside the road there are ditches. Sometimes we have to stop for a moment and sit down in our ditch. While you are there you can look around, and maybe you find something that you have forgotten about?

Something that you promised yourself a long time ago?

The spiritual meaning of “the ditch” is that you embrace the epiphany of “just being” and not expecting anything, just loving “the now” and also loving yourself, as in “I AM!!”

And if you find your “ditch” filled with litter, then you have a splendid opportunity to clean it!

And if you find flowers there, maybe they need some watering? Nurturing? Then you give it to them.

Whether you clean or water or nurture whatever you find on the side of your walk in life, you can always choose to love whatever you find. Because it is a big part of you!

You can always love yourself!

Love your breaths, heal your wounds, and love yourself always, and by taking the time to really just being is Alfa and Omega in restoring yourself to a complete being of love.

I love you,