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Sananda via Linda Dillon, November 14th, 2017

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You are breaking the shackles that kept you and the entire human collective in slavery and limited consciousness for thousands and thousands of years. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greeting my dearest brothers and sisters! I am Jesus Sananda, your beloved brother and friend and I come to you today to embrace you and marvel with thee at your wonderful progress in reclaiming your freedom and your true self.

We can sit together as a group, or one on one, and you can share your stories, funny anecdotes or tears, it matters not, for what is important is that you are getting closer and closer to seeing and embodying your magnificent and pure selves.

Do you see looking back on the last few years, and more importantly the last month or so, how much you have changed and matured? Do you see how much easier it is to discern and prioritize your actions, do you feel you have more clarity and certitude in taking whatever steps you need to take in your earthly doings and daily activities? Do you see that you are questioning yourselves less and that it seems way easier for you to do things that were pushing you out of your comfort zone in the past?

Now you are flowing smoothly with your hearts’ desires, having no difficulties to do what you are inspired to do and mostly to state your truth and say “no” to others when appropriate. Do you feel that it has become more natural for you to take actions because you want to, not because there are others requiring some type of service and assistance. This has nothing to do with your ego’s desires or selfishness, this has to do with finally appreciating and loving yourselves enough so that you take care of your physical vessel and that you put yourselves first in everything that is of service to you. You do understand that you need to be in charge of your wellbeing and that you need to be a good steward of your own energy, so that you can be of service to anyone else .

You are indeed stepping up greatly, my dearest brothers and sisters of my heart! You are breaking all the shackles of disempowerment that kept you and the entire human collective in slavery, limited and restricted consciousness for thousands and thousands of years.

You are bravely stepping into freedom and showing everyone that you can flourish, you can dance and laugh, you can be creative and in joy in the middle of the chaos and destruction of the old paradigm. Dearest hearts you are flowing with the Mother’s Dream and you are doing what you promised eons ago, being of the greatest inspiration to everyone.

I am with you every step of the way. I am with you in eternal love and gratitude.


By Permission.

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