Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Losha, February 9th, 2018

My dearest beloveds…and I say to you in this Moment, each and every one of you, are truly my beloveds! – let us rejoice in the current times here on Gaia, even such as they are – for, as most of you already know, the dark ones are finally turning to the Light – which is a wondrous thing!

Even so, I know that many of you are feeling greatly challenged by all the topsy turvy happenings occurring, right now. This one who is channeling my message is also feeling very confused lately…and maybe even a bit depressed.

That is all understandable – even expected, but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier to handle in your daily life, does it?

I wanted to say, however, that no matter how tired and frustrated you are, there are still so many of you beautiful Light-Lovers (Lovers of Light!), who are finding ways and moments each day, to act compassionately toward others, even if it is to say something to someone that will cause them to smile for a moment, and to be able to forget about all of the stressors in their life, and to feel my Love for them, through your beautiful acts of kindness.

Those benevolent actions are much more important, and impactful, than you can imagine; they obviously help the person needing that smile or compliment, but that one action also causes that wonderful “ripple” effect – like a pebble tossed into a pond – the Love from that act of kindness, just keeps expanding outward, in waves, until all souls here on Gaia, will feel the Love, my Love, for each of you.

Now, it may seem far fetched to some still, to think that one person’s compliment of another, could actually be felt by All – but I assure you that is the case – and your scientists are getting very close to discovering this “connectedness” of us All – and that will be a glorious day, indeed!

Beloved ones…I wanted to come to you today, to give you some well-deserved encouragement, and Love, so that even when you are feeling tired, depressed and frustrated at times, please remember that I am always with you, and Loving you – and if you can work up enough energy to make someone’s day just a little bit brighter for a moment, then your whole world will also be raised up!…and that is a beautiful thing!

I Love you all with every fiber of my being, dear Ones – and I am with you always.

Until we speak again, I AM, your Sananda.