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Sananda via Pamela Kribbe, June 1st

Yeshua via Pamela Kribbe: The Cross of Life ~ A Reminder of Home

jesus-in-the-wildernessDear friends, I am Jeshua.  I come to you from the beyond, from a realm of light and love that exceeds your imagination.

However, I am also very close. I speak to you from your own heart and you are touched by me, because the realm where I dwell, and the love and the light that belong to it, is yours, too. You are a part of that realm.

You are born from it and to it you will return, for it is your Home. Feel its presence here and now in your midst. This is what I come to bring to you today, a reminder of Home.

You are here to bring in the energy of Home and to establish it among the people on Earth. You are here to burrow your roots deep into the Earth, to feel good and secure here, and from that place of connectedness to be a beacon of light for all people who feel Home-less and are searching for love and light.

This is a time of extremes on Earth. There is now much darkness, negativity, and fear in the collective energy field around this planet that makes people tense, and you can feel it. Feel the negativity, very objectively and without judging it or going along with it. People are being forced into a choice for despair, depression, anxiety, or for light, hope, love.

Simply feel, on the one hand, the powerful wave of feelings of crisis and of being overwhelmed by the fears that come with it. And on the other hand, the potential for light and the possibility for awakened consciousness that will allow people who are in need to become very powerful and to stand up and to speak in a way that accords with their life and truth.

There is something else that can also emerge from crisis, something that you can know from your own life. Remarkably penetrating lines of energy can appear in moments of crisis that go directly to the heart, the core of who you are. You could say that the energy flowing through you becomes like a cross.

There is a horizontal energy line through you that connects you with the world around you, the people and the physical environment, and at the same time, there is a vertical energy line through you that connects Heaven above with Earth below.

In this vertical line or axis, you are alone in a certain sense, but only in the earthly sense. There, in that vertical axis, what is of most importance to you is your relationship to the higher you: your soul, your cosmic self, and to the ground beneath your feet: Earth, Gaia. Feel this vertical axis and how this connecting flow runs through you, from the top of your head down to your toes where Heaven and Earth merge.

In this time of crisis, it is to this vertical connecting line on to which people are thrown back. And if they find there nothing that is familiar, and discover they do not know how to make this connection, a deep inner need is created. However, as the outer certainties fall away, this inner vertical connecting line becomes the only thing that offers a secure anchor for people.

You are among those who have known this need for a long time. You have, during many lifetimes, concentrated on keeping your focus on this inner vertical axis that connects you with Heaven and with Earth. Many of you, during spiritual lifetimes which you all have led on Earth, have voluntarily renounced the world in order to cultivate this connection.

In this time, people like you are needed, people who can connect with their divine core and with the heart of Gaia, and from these connections find a secure anchor by which to live, to love, and to be happy. When all outward certainties disappear, there still remains that connecting line for you and, therefore, I ask you at this moment to concentrate on that line. Concentrate on the crown chakra on top of your head and feel the connection with me.

I am a representative of the realm of love that you call Home and which you recognize because it is also your own realm. It is not about me, but it is through my energy that you can feel that presence. That is why you have your heart set on me and are touched by me, because I call up in you your own deepest divine essence.

Feel reconnected with me and with the sun that you are: the shining star in the sky free from time and space – unbounded. Allow eternity to enter into you in this moment and feel your absolute freedom. You are not tied to a form, to a body, yet you freely chose to experience this earthly incarnation. Drink in that energy.

Feel your wings as an angel of light and spread them in freedom. Allow them to be seen in their full glory, with the golden luster they have obtained through many, many lifetimes of trials, discoveries, and experiences. They are now emerging into the light of the Christ energy, golden in its essence: the gold of compassion, of connection, of sensing the unity between all extremes. Feel the warmth and strength of these golden wings of yours.

Feel that you are received by, and deserve, these wings. Feel that you may surrender to, and rest in, the process that presents itself now in your life and on Earth. Let go of your fear, which is the fear of your own greatness, and allow your light to be seen. Imagine that you radiate, that you are spreading a wonderful light, and that people are moved by it. See the tears of emotion you elicit in them! They feel at Home with you, because you express the energy of Home.

Your greatness connects, it does not separate. Your greatness increases love and does not deprive others. It is an old way of thinking that you must withhold so that others may receive. That is a mistake. The spiritual works exactly the other way round – like attracts like. Do not be concerned that some persons will not receive their fair share of love.

Like attracts like, and therefore love attracts love. There, within yourself, where you know love to exist, allow in “the gold” of the Christ energy, and love – “the gold” – will increase of itself and attract others who feel the stirring of love within themselves. Like a magnet, you will attract people who want to learn from you, because you have much to share with others – you are a teacher.

I was a teacher to many. What they saw in me was love and compassion, and the forgiveness they could not give to themselves. I gave that to them because I saw the light in their eyes, the source from which we all originated. This is what you now have to give to others. See the light in their eyes, their connection with the source of all life. That is the essence of being a lightworker.

I ask you to now connect with that other force that nourishes and helps you on the vertical axis: the power that is Gaia, the power of that angel whom you call Earth. Feel her beneath your feet. Let go of the whole idea of this planet simply as a lump of matter on which things grow. Feel the soulful core and essence of Gaia, her radiant power, her indestructible light and capacity for renewal and rebirth.

The Earth is being born anew. She is going over to a new phase of her development and you are going with her. Feel this for a moment! See in your thoughts how the Spring begins on Earth, the new greenery that buds. Imagine that you are such a new leaf, a fresh bud on a branch. Feel the forces present here, the urge to expand outwardly. Through the Sun, you are drawn to reveal more of your beauty.

See Earth as an angel and embrace her. You are equals. Let your head rest gently on the shoulder of this angel and ask her what you can do to ground your energy even more, to make a deeper connection with the Earth so that you can feel happy, secure, and relaxed here. Earth wants to help you do this; she needs the cosmic energy of Home you come here to share

Earth needs the inspiration that you bring. That is why she wants to do everything in her power to give you roots; she wants to receive you. Feel how, like a radiant flower, she is open to you. You are like the bees that pollinate her and thereby spread the seed farther. Let Earth nurture you and she will bring you Home, as much as does my energy.

Life on Earth has to do with balance. Balance between the many energies that are here. I have spoken about the balance between Heaven and Earth within you, and in a broader sense, also about the balance between the vertical and the horizontal axes: the turning inward toward the vertical connection within your core, and also the turning outward toward the horizontal connection with the world and allowing yourself to be seen there.

I now would like to say something about the balance between inner and outer. In this context, I would like to speak about the male and the female energies within yourself.

You, who are on a personal path, are here to set down your light on Earth. The urge you feel to assist other people on their path always requires that you maintain an inward balance, a position that says: “Where do I stand inwardly? What is my next step? What should I take on in order to now become more visible, to come into my strength as I connect with the world?”

There exists an ambiguity in you about being in the world. On the one hand, you have a fear of the world, because it is overwhelming, and also because it seems hostile and not ready for the energy that you bring. Yet on the other hand, there is a creativity in you that wants to come to expression. You feel the desire to be seen, otherwise you are going to feel an inner restlessness and dissatisfaction.

You often move within this field of conflicted energies: wanting to move outwardly, yet being deterred by fear – and when you hold it all in too much, becoming dissatisfied and frustrated. The solution lies in finding a balance between the male and the female energies within yourself.

Very broadly stated, the female energy has to do with your inner world, your feeling side. You are “feelers”, people who feel much and often receive inspiration, yet do not know how to give it earthly form. It is the male energy within you that can help you be the bridge to the outer world. In many of you, the female energy is too little supported by the male energy.

You are all very sensitive to outside influences. You can become overwhelmed by the energies of people that you accompany on their path toward healing. So it is very important to set boundaries around your own energy and to be good to yourself.

On the other hand, it can also be the case that the male energy gets out of balance with the female energy and you get the feeling of having to accommodate expectations from outside yourself. When that happens, you have to ask yourself how you view yourself: “Am I not required by the world to give form to my light in a way that is acceptable, rational, and clear?”

The male energy within you, when it separates from its balance with the female energy, can push you into a form of busyness and excessive thinking and worrying that does not help you on your way. At such times, it is necessary to allow a sense of calm and quiet to arise within you and to determine what it is that you have to give to the world; what your connection is with the world; what relationships make you happy and give you joy. Then that is your path.

The male energy is there to give form to your direction without having to be distracted by external demands, or pigeonholes that society establishes. Understand that the male and the female energies are there to support one another, if you allow them to do so.

Finally, I ask you to look within yourself to see how, at this time, the male and the female energies relate within you.

Imagine that you see appear in your mind’s eye a man and a woman who hold each other’s hand. Look at what they discover in each other. When they look into each other eyes do they see friendship or are they on different paths and not connected? Who bears the greater burden at this moment? Who of the two feels overburdened? See if there is a difference in that respect. Is it the male energy in you that wants to do more, or is it the female?

You are here on Earth to make the inner Heaven-Earth connection, to feel the vertical axis powerfully and to manifest it. The male energy that creates the horizontal connection, the bridge to the outside world, is there to serve you – use it! Appreciate that you are different and do not hide from that difference. Let the male power in you create space for you as you are!

Feel my energy, and feel the male aspect now: the energy of clarity and discernment; a keen self-awareness that does not cringe at negativity or judgment from without. As lightworkers, you have need of this energy at this moment in order to not give in to the prejudices and fears of others, but to calmly build your own path.

I love you – we are one. In the source of the Christ energy there is unity, not I-versus-you.    Feel again that unity in your heart and how you, who sit here, are connected. I greet you and offer you my love and encouragement.

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

© Pamela Kribbe

“Yeshua: The Cross of Life ~ A Reminder of Home,” Channeled by Pamela Kribbe, May 31, 2016, at

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