Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Pamela Kribbe, December 12th

Dear friends,

Welcome everyone, I am Jeshua. I greet you all from my heart. I am connected to you, so feel my presence. I am that which connects your hearts, for I represent the unity that is between us all.

I ask you, now, to ground yourself, to connect your body with the Earth beneath your feet and to imagine that roots sprout from your feet into the soil. Feel how your consciousness is completely present in this space and penetrates, through the roots from your feet, into the Earth. Feel the power of our collective energy, so that together we create a field of consciousness with a deep and pure intention.

Today, we are talking about the soul’s plan and how you recognize it in your everyday life. For many, it is difficult to recognize the direction and goal of their soul’s purpose, because you often feel lost in this world. It is important to be able to go inward and to recognize yourself as the soul that you are, to make a connection with your infinite essence, and from there to look at the world around you. Only in relation to your essence, to your soul, do you feel truly free and safe. Free to spread your wings, and safe, because the power of the soul is not bound to the Earth – it is unlimited. Feel that power for a moment – know who you are – and feel that force deep in your body. That force is your soul, here and now.

Connect with your feet, with your legs, with your entire body. Concentrate on yourself, and not on the impressions and sounds coming from outside you, but solely on yourself. Feel your body from within. Feel how you can quietly travel with your consciousness throughout your body without being interrupted by external noises. Feel how you can experience the silence in the midst of the noise. That silence is independent of what is happening to you from without.

A new consciousness wants to be born on Earth. Now, more than ever, this is the new order of things and you sense it in your lives. There is a momentum that is taking place in many of you, and that which is pushing the current forward is your soul, that essence of which I speak. This essence wants to go along with the current of this time, wants to be of help, and desires to bring about a transition from the past, from the old fear-based energies to a new era, a heart-based consciousness.

You are not alone on your soul’s path; your soul is connected to the whole. You are here not only for yourself but as part of a larger flow of change that is now touching the Earth. And I ask you again to now make a connection with that flow and feel its grandeur. You are a soul, you do not have a soul; you are your soul. And that soul is here with a mission, something the soul wants to complete in this lifetime.

Descend to the level of your abdomen, breathe in and relax. Make the connection to the Earth, because it is so important to have soul knowledge at the level of the material, the practical, and the earthly. Sense that soul knowledge thoroughly and give it form. At this time, it is not simply a question of feeling and experiencing your deepest dreams and desires, but also of giving them form in your everyday life, because the earthly reality is now ripe for change.

Feel a connection from your abdomen with the heart of the Earth, and feel welcome here on Earth. You are so very much desired and wanted here. Feel how the Earth itself is engaged in a great wave of change. Feel yourself float on that great current while you are firmly embraced by Mother Earth. You are safe; you have been called to be here.

What is your contribution? Descend into your abdomen. Let your imagination, your dreams, and your desires soar and be free, with no limits and restrictions. What, for you, would be the most beautiful future, and with whom would you like to share it? Imagine that you are truly open and have no fear, that you dare to follow your deepest inspiration. You let it flow unhampered through your head, your heart, through your abdomen and your legs, all the way down into the Earth. How do you envision yourself and what would you do?

Realize that, when you go along with that flow, you not only do something for, and with, yourself, you also connect with this larger picture: the dynamic of renewal that is now awakening on Earth and is moving forward more swiftly. And you will be much supported by something larger than yourself. Feel this larger flow and ask yourself: “What kind of nudge would that flow give to me? What message, what urging, comes to me?” And that message can concern something external, for example, an indication of something you need to let go from your life, something you no longer need: a job, a living environment, relationships. And it may also concern an internal attitude that you have adopted, one of resistance and self-judgment, or thoughts where you cannot succeed, feelings of inferiority. What is the most important thing for you to let go of now?

You are carried by a larger current than just yourself. That stream originates from the Earth, from its desire for change, for evolution. Imagine that you are carried safely on that current and that it gives you a nudge now, an urging to do this, or to let go of thatDare to go with the urging; dare to take this step. The more individuals who take this step and dare to start living according to their deepest desire, the easier it is for others to follow, because you then become living examples that it can be done, that it is possible. There is such a need for hope and inspiration in this world, a need for leaders. Not leaders who “call the shots”, but those who are willing to lead by setting an example, including all their vulnerability and humanity. That is the new leadership.

When we speak today about finding and recognizing your own soul’s purpose, I would like to emphasize that there is a link between your soul’s purpose and that of so many other souls who also want to go along in the movement of change and renewal, so feel supported by that. But dare to take the steps that are required in your personal life, even though you are alone in doing that, in the sense that you have to decide, that the choice lies with you: the choice for more freedom, for more happiness.

I call on you to be the leaders of this new time, to be the exemplars, even though you doubt if you can do it and make it happen. But it involves nothing more than being true to yourself, and allowing that truth to flow freely. When old fears raise up their head, see them and embrace them, for they also belong to you. Precisely because you make a conscious connection with these fears, the light begins to radiate gradually through them, and that makes you a lightworker, and sets an example. And to set an example means to be human by accepting the dark and the light in all their aspects. It means to have warmth and compassion, both for others and for yourself. That is being a forerunner of the new era.

You do not have to wait until you have all your affairs in order, until you have reached a kind of perfection, which does not really exist. It is about getting up every day and taking a step forward, or letting go of something: a judgment, a fear, a demand that you have of yourself that does not correspond with who you really are.

I ask you to believe in your calling. Your soul’s plan is something that is constantly unfolding. New ways and opportunities emerge continually. It is not an established ready-made something, it is a dynamic whole. Any time that you are a gateway to more love, that you trust in yourself, that you make a connection to your essence, new opportunities appear that you then activate with your joy and enthusiasm. That is what it means to have a connection with your soul’s purpose. Choose to dare take a step, to believe in yourself.

I thank you all for your presence. I feel our connection from the heart and I cherish that. Feel your own beauty and wisdom, and trust in that!

Thank you very much. Jeshua.