Sananda via San, August 3d, 2018


August 3d, 2018

Channel: San


Hello my beautiful and noble Lightwarriors, it is me Sananda who speaks through my channel San today.

I know that many of you are tired bordering on a feeling of hopelessness in your daily struggle to shield yourselves off from both outer lower frequencies and the inner demons that you fervently are trying to let go of.

There are four groups on Earth right now and I want to speak a bit about them in order to give you guidance and hope.


Group 1.

This group consists of people who still are completely unaware and live in a complete expression of three dimensional separation. These people live in a bubble, which is fully directed by the collective consciousness and they cannot see outside of it. Many in this bubble will choose to continue their three dimensional experience on another planet when the time comes, but the greater share will advance to the other groups. One could say that these people are so asleep that they need a very strong wake up call in order for them to wake up – disclosure will function as a very chocking, but effective one.


Group 2.

This group consists of people who are starting to wake up and have started to seek a higher meaning or a deeper depth of consciousness within themselves. They are very much influenced by the light that flows towards Earth right now, which in many cases leads to quite intensive waking up experiences and ascension symptoms. For these people it is important that those that belong to group 3 and 4 help and guide them. It is easy to recognize them, as they will naturally seek you out. Be on the look out!


Group 3.

This group consists of people who are completely in the awakening process. You absorb the light more than you think and are part of the process’ many twists and turns. For you it is a roller coaster between hope and despair, between the highest and lowest frequencies. It is between feeling divine love and total bliss to feeling that you are stuck in the same old behavior pattern.

You hardly have time to recover from one wave when the next one is all over you and washing over you with light forcing out more emotional scares. It feels sometimes as if you are running from one pain to the next without end and the only thing that keeps you sane are the moments when breathe the same breath as god, the same breath as me, the same breath as the Universe.

I know it is hard for you and I can see all your struggles and hear all your prayers. We are with you every step of the way and everything is well!

Once you have reached group 3 there is no return – you are going home and the light will guide you the whole way. Many of you, almost all, have tasks in the wake up process – you transform the collective consciousness, you keep and anchor the light, you inspire and you show others the way to the same freedom through your own transformation. You do so much more than what you think when you let go of your fears. The Universe celebrates you – brave warriors, courageous souls, noble lightworkers and we love you. All is well! Continue forward, remember who you are, remember why you are here.


Group 4.

This group consists of people who have come further than those in Group 3. You have transformed most of your baggage and you are almost free from the lower frequencies that come from yourselves. You are the way showers, teachers, you give inspiration, you are the masters or on the way to become masters. For you it is a matter of an eternal wait – waiting for the other groups and diligent work to transform the collective consciousness through your conscious attention, sensitivity and love. Remember why you are here, remember your noble mission on Earth and continue to transform lower frequencies and spread the light wherever you go.

My love is with you, forever and endlessly.

Remember you are, why you are here and your mission in the ascension process.





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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