Sananda via Sharon Stewart, June 22nd, 2020

Everything you’re Taught is Incorrect | Sananda via Sharon Stewart

June 22, 2020

I am your beloved Ascended Master, Sananda, who you would otherwise know as Jesus the Christ. I speak to you with my first message through this channel in order to reach out to you upon this world now to ask you to consider to change.

Change is necessary now. Change is necessary for all upon earth.

You are ascending, going through a voyage with Gaia that has never been undertaken before on any world. You are all special, going through a special process, having undergone training and now with the help of your Light teams, enacting your roles to create cosmic change for all upon this world.

You live in a state of anti-humanitarian values. You are living by fear and hatred, not love. You have learned that you are anything but that which you actually are by those who seek to exploit you even more now than ever.

Realize that when you change, your world will not be able to sustain its current regime. All must change with you for you are the keyholders. All of you.

You have learned hate instead of love.

You have learned fear instead of courage.

You have learned to fear instead of being powerful.

You have learned to doubt instead of to know.

You have learned foolhardiness instead of wisdom.

You have learned selfishness instead of love for all.

You have learned evil instead of the ways of the Holy Father.

You have learned gluttony instead of modesty.

You have learned lust instead of chastity.

You have learned excess instead of right sized portions.

You have learned to take instead of to give.

You have learned blasphemy instead of truth.

You have learned small mindedness instead of creativity.

Need I say more? You are living the exact opposite now of which you truly are. Now you must change yourselves to become the human you were intended to be. To be human is not as you are; it is an entirely different way of being. This beingness will come back to your planet, but you must start humanity upon its path.

As Abraham walked his people out to God’s promised land, so I walk you out now to yours. Follow my word, learn my teachings, pray with me for your world, be blessed with your word and be brief with your anger. Learn to see your world and your life as it was intended for you by the Lord of all.

Follow my teachings in a Course in Miracles.

Those who hear this message, understand you are the chosen ones.

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