Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Susan Leland, 23 februari

“Bringing In Divine Governance
for All the World!
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference
February 23, 2016

“Greetings, most Beloved Family!  I am Sananda and I am so appreciative of your presence here in this Gathering – in this moment and in all those to come!  For it is together that we are moving along the Path.  It is together that we are moving into the Peace and the Freedom and the Joy which Ashtar has spoken of just now in your time.*  For it is by partnering, by helping each other, supporting each other, and most of all, loving each other that we accomplish this!  We have no need of weapons of any kind. We have no need to impose our will upon anyone else.

“Our means of accomplishing the Ascension, for all those on Planet Earth who choose to go into Ascension status, is simply with Love.  And the energies that are coming in are most instrumental in supporting and, indeed, in empowering this Ascension!  And it is because of those like you, Beloved Ones, you and the other Lightworkers who have said, ‘We’re ready! We’re going to do it this time!’  And you have stood by this. You came here specifically for this purpose.  And so we are here with each and every one of you to empower you that much more, to support you in your efforts, and to remind you that you are as Divine as are we!!!

“Now, when I came in the identity of Yeshua, there were those who were looking for leadership in the form of a king, because that was what they knew.  And some of them made the assumption that I would seize the throne by some kind of force.  I had no soldiers; I had no army.  I had only the ones who opened their Hearts to Love – who allowed themselves to lift up into the loving arms of the Light of Love – and who committed themselves, as much as they were able, to live by the Higher Principles where war and stepping upon people in order to rise to the top – and violence, and fear – had no place!

“And so it was that I and the other Master Teachers who came -and have come – spoke of these things. They spoke in terms of Peace, living the peaceful life, doing prayer and meditations and focusing upon the Light, connecting with the Heavenly Realms or with Mother/Father God or Creator, or whomever represented living in those Realms to them.  And now you are hearing about government and you’re saying, ‘Well, Sananda, if you were not going to be king, if you were not going to be a governing ruler, what has this to do with you?’  Well, I tell you this, my Beloved Ones.  NESARA is divinely inspired!  NESARA brings the much-needed changes, starting with your governments and emanating from there so that everyone on Planet Earth enjoys its benefits!!!

“But this whole governance, or concept of government, is two ways.  In other words, it is that to be governed divinely, it starts within each and every one of you, with your own Divine Governance.  That’s right!  It is for you to have elections constantly within yourselves, if you wish this analogy to continue. It is for you to constantly be in High Dimensional Perspective, so that your decisions of what to do or not to do, what to say or not to say, come from your Hearts, your Headquarters of Love!!!

“And so that when you have a question, you are in connection with that part of you which is already residing in Higher Dimensionality and empowering all the Love within yourselves in every dimension – the energies of Love, the very LoveLight, because it’s there in every cell, in every atom, in every void space of your entire energy fields! And it is to be so connected that you make your decisions from the Perspective of High Dimensional, Unconditional, Infinite and Eternal Love!!!  Because that, Beloved Ones, is your true identity, and that is how you are seen!

“And I stand with you.  The Mentors** are here – all Beings of LoveLight are here to assist you in any way, to support you and to further energize you – so we have a whole foundation now – for Divine Governance that builds and grows, all the way up to the very ones who are in leadership of the countries in this moment! Now, this will change, this picture of ‘positions’ will change.  As Humanity evolves, as Planet Earth evolves into Higher Dimensionality, it will be more governing by councils – and everyone will take a turn!!!

“It is like your dollars.  They are useful now and they have quite good value when they are used for Golden Age purposes – not out of greed, but to assist.  There are many, many, many ways that money can be used to help others – for instance, to clean up Planet Earth, to travel to places where you want to be personally – to help, or just to experience so that you come to greater understanding, or whatever it is.

“Money has purpose when it is used in this way.  When money is given from the Heart, when money is invested in projects to help Humanity – not to make more money on the work of others – to share, absolutely, in the rewards, but not to take all of the rewards and keep them for one’s self.  And you understand and know all of this anyway!  I am only telling you that as money goes, so goes government.  But for now, it is to absolutely infuse and energize and empower your governments with the principles of NESARA!!!  How better to do that than to have the Announcement of NESARA?

“Of course, we do know that, and we are, all of us, working together toward that end!  And meanwhile govern yourselves, each individually.  Commit to making your decisions from your Hearts – whatever that means to you.  Be in the Truth in the Light of Love and allow yourselves the Joy that this brings! Smile at someone that you just know needs a smile as you pass by. Reach out a hand to help, if you can.  Feed someone who has no food.  Take flowers to someone who has no garden.  These are simple things, but every time that you do something to help -every time that you tell someone about Divine Governance and hand them, perhaps a paper with information about NESARA; *** every time that you pray and meditate and shower the World with your LoveLight, you are helping to bring it that much closer!

“And then as you move through the Golden Age, these other things shall come to pass that I have been speaking of.  But for now, focus upon what is most immediate and begin within yourselves.  Initiate, energize and empower Divine Governance within.  And this shall move many dominoes!  This shall empower and energize even more – even faster – NESARA’s Announcement and the official beginning of the Golden Age!!!

“And I, Beloved Ones, am right here with you inviting you to enjoy the Divine Governance that comes from within in its origination.  And I assure you that we are together as we have always been and as we always shall be in the Oneness, the Truth and the Joy of the Love We Are!!!  And so it is.  Namaste!”
*   The transcript of Ashtar’s message will be published.  Link to audio.
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, February 23, 2016.
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