Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Susan Leland, August 11

Sananda: “We Are One in the LoveLight!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – August 11, 2015

“Greetings, Most Beloved Family!  I am Sananda Kumara.  I have come before you with Love, only Love.  For when one has this Love, this High Dimensional Love, the Love from which we are all made, one has no need of anything else.  And it is to see, literally, through the eyes of Love – your physical eyes and your wisdom eyes.  When you do that, you are seeing as a Master; you have that vision.  And when you have that vision, all is well in your World!

“You see the Lights, or you feel them in others.  And, yes, you can feel fear.  And perhaps it is that you hold out your hand and you send them the Love.  You share it with them deliberately. You are radiating Love anyway, consciously or unconsciously.  It is possible for you to amplify or to further energize it by your intent!

“Ashtar spoke of desiring to require, or requiring whatever you desire.  I teach ‘requirement’ as an upwardly expressive way of saying ‘I want’ or ‘I need,’ because the reality of it is, you don’t want or need anything.  You are Love!  You have it all!!!

“And so if you say, ‘I require perfect health,’ or whatever it is, it is simply a way of acknowledging that you are a being of Love, that you are Divine!  Or you could say ‘magical’ if you wish, and that you have every right as a Divine Being, as a Being of Love, as a Being of Light, to have whatever it is that you desire, as long as you do no harm to anyone with it.

“Now, when I say ‘harm,’ I am speaking simply of offering less than that which is the Highest Energy of the Universal Light of Love to anyone else.  That is the Golden Rule, which I also taught during my lifetime as Yeshua.  Its corollary was left off, and that is simply to treat yourselves as you would treat others, so it is a two-part Rule – Golden, of course, because it bespeaks the attitudes and the actions and the expressions of the Higher Dimensional Lifestyle, the Golden Lifestyle, if you will, or the Golden White Light Lifestyle.

“You can see that it’s very powerful, this Light of Love, as well it should be!  And when you consider that, yes, you have a physicality, but there is a lot of Light contained within your physical self, and your energy fields that surround your physical body are extending out farther and farther as you fill yourselves with more and more of the LoveLight!!!

“And, of course, this is preparation for your physical selves to transform into your crystalline bodies, a very necessary step on the way to your Homecomings.  By ‘Homecomings,’ I am speaking to your return to yourselves!  You can call it Heaven or the Realms of Light or whatever you choose.  But there will be a time – out of time, outside of time, because time will no longer exist in your perceptions – where you will be completely ascended into your Light bodies. And yet you will still be multi-dimensional in your existence, and still have the options of taking on another dense body in some other civilization, or perhaps on Earth, but you will be different because you will have the ability to go back and forth!

“So you can – as Saint Germain often does – come and show yourselves, perhaps glowing a bit more, but you can show yourselves as a physical body with some density and form.  Or you can simply come as a Light Being that you are.  And there will be more and more of these Light Beings showing up.  As you move upward into the Higher Dimensions, into the Golden Age, you will be seeing them.  There are some who already do.  They see the auras.  They see the Light Beings, they see orbs; they see the wee-folk, as some call them, the fairies, the angels, the unicorns as well.  Be assured this is something that you all have the capabilities to do and you will be doing these things, among other things!!!

“For now, it is simply to be in preparation for all of this.  All of this opening, this expansion of your DNA, that which is called ‘junk’ by your scientists – not all of them, some are becoming quite enlightened.  But your scientists have traditionally, we shall say, called this ‘junk DNA,’ for they saw no use and purpose because they could not see past their third dimensional perspectives.  But your DNA contains so much wisdom and knowledge and capabilities!!!

“You have so much already within your capabilities, and to expand them, to quote a wonderful song, ‘All You Need Is Love!’ Love is the catalyst.  Love is the alchemical catalyst, the energy by which all of these things and more – miracles, if you want to call them that – are coming to you, each and every one of you!And I am with you all.  I rejoice at this Grand Renaissance of Love.  It is what I came to teach.  And, indeed you might say, we did the groundwork of teaching – I and other Masters – and it has now taken hold.  There is no turning back!!!

“Love – a return to Love, and ultimately, your return to Home is assured.  This would not happen had you not opened your Hearts, Beloved Ones – had you not opened to receive even more of this Love and, in turn, to share it.  And it is with this energy of Love that we shall continue to move upward or ahead upon your paths, however you see it!  There is no mountain that we cannot climb or soar over or move right on through as though it were not even there, so great is the power of Love!  So great are you, empowered with the LoveLight!!!

“And so we thank you, I and The Mentors who stand with me and all of the Beings from the Lighted Realms – the angels, the archangels, the masters, the ascended ones and all of the ones from Mother Gaia’s kingdoms who already see you shining bright. We are in Joy that you are here!  And while we have further to go, we assure you that we are here to assist and support you every step of the way.  So come into the closeness of Communion with us.  Call upon any one or more of us!  We hold out our hands to you; we open our Hearts to you and most of all, we become One with You in the Light of Love!!!  And I tell you this – you are shining so radiantly, the entire Universe is in awe of the Love You Are.  See yourselves as we see you, Beloved Ones, and FEEL that Love!

“And now, into our circle come My two Marys.  They carry the Roses of Kumara – my Beloved Mother, my Beloved Wife – as the wife of Yeshua, and the Mother of Yeshua – Ascended Masters in their own right, but now coming to join with Me and to offer you the very special Roses of Kumara.  They are symbols of our Love. They are golden white and they shine radiantly. See the light of their auras and feel the Love they are!

“And as my Beloved Ones come to you, take as many as you wish. Keep them in your Hearts, that the Universe will know that you were here in this Sacred Gathering.  We offer them as Blessings to you, Beloved Ones, each and every one of you, and those who follow to join with us.  And it is our Love that they further bring to you to add to the great Love you are.  And this is our way of saying ‘Thank you’ from our Hearts to yours, and honoring you for being here in the golden white Light of Love!  One We Are!!! And so it is.  Namaste!”

Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, August 11, 2015.
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