Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Victoria Cochrane, January 25th, 2018

Dear Ones, there is much debate around the world about the morality of same-sex marriage. The idea of two people from the same sex being in love and having sexual relations is abhorrent to many and Christian religions reject it outright as a sin and a travesty of major proportions. It is easy to reject anything in the name of religion, because the doctrine states it to be so….or does it?

The trouble with any religious doctrine is that it was written by man and then passed off as the Word of God. God himself has been projected simultaneously as a loving father and as vengeful and demanding, and many of these portrayals have been designed to persuade people to a particular belief system in accordance to the religion in question.

Love is love: that is all there is. In terms of whether the two people sharing this love are heterogeneous or not is irrelevant, because all people consist of male and a female energies and are in fact living the life of a male or female to learn lessons. In the next lifetime a person could reincarnate as the opposite gender. All humans, therefore are physically representing one gender when they contain equal elements of both; it is just their body that defines their sexuality, not their hearts or their minds.

The Will of God is not that man does his bidding, but that he has free will and learns his lessons towards soul enlightenment and mastery. There is no requirement from God, the Creator, at all! The Creator’s energy is that of unconditional love, which means there are no religious conditions for the way men or women choose to live their life or to express their love towards another. The body that one has chosen in which to reincarnate may be healthy, yet it may also not be the correct match for the heart and mind of the soul who inhabits it. Transgender or homosexuality may also be a life’s lesson that has been chosen by the soul for that lifetime. There are many reasons humans find themselves loving another of the same sex, and none of those reasons are condemned by God. In fact, anyone who chooses such a hard road and stays true to themselves is to be admired and congratulated for their bravery and inspiration.

If all humans could love and cherish one another as those who love unconditionally, regardless of gender, race, sexual persuasion, age or anything else, the human race would perhaps not find itself in such turmoil as it does right now.

Love is love, dear one. That is all there is.

I AM Yeshua ben Yoseph (Jesus)


» Source – Channel: Victoria Cochrane