Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Victoria Cochrane, September 18th

Victoria Cochrane’s Channellings From the Masters: Finding the Light in the Darkness of Reality


The ascension of humanity seems to many people to be taking its time, and for good reason. There are many on Earth who seem oblivious to their own divinity and who are firmly entrenched in the drama of the Third Dimension. The darkness that can stem from ego and materialism, greed and corruption engulfs many seemingly innocent people and causes much death, grief and trauma.

Let me tell you though, Beloveds, that any decision people make either in the heat of the moment or with planned intention will always have consequences that reach much further than the initial thought process and will affect many more people in its wake. Even though most people on Earth feel disconnected from the Creator, from people outside of their family and even from themselves, separation is only an illusion. The Oneness of the Universe is a force that cannot be overcome and will always bring the illusion of separation to a halt, sometimes with devastating consequences.

There are many more people moving up to the ascended state of the Fifth Dimension than one may think, and it is these Wayshowers who are having the most impact on those whose vibrations are still rising and whose spiritual awareness is still evolving. The gifts and abilities of Lightworkers who know how to harness the powers of the universe and the angelic realm are keeping Mother Earth in her ascended state and are assisting her to increase the energies that emanate from her core. As these energies merge with the higher state of consciousness of ascended and ascending beings, both in human and ethereal form, the veil continues to lift, even though much darkness remains.

To talk of the illusion of being human falls on the deaf ears of many, because the physical reality of live on Earth can be extremely harsh and real. It takes a concerted effort to rise above the daily reality of poverty, domestic violence, hunger, war and crime. However hard it is you MUST try, Dear Ones, because the possibilities that await you are momentous. Recreate your reality by believing that anything is possible, that there is consciousness beyond the human form and that you are a spark of the Divine consciousness. You are loved unconditionally and you are NEVER alone. Where there is life there is hope, and hope sparks the brightest light in the darkest of places. You CAN have what you want and need if you only believe it to be true and if you ask for help.

Reject the darkness around you and reach for the light. Just one positive thought or one grateful moment a day will make a huge difference to your reality if only you can shake the gloom from your head. If religion helps then by all means seek me through the teachings of the Bible. If religion is not for you, then find me in your heart. I am always there and a part of you whether you believe in me or not. I am a way to God’s light and I will gladly take you there, however and whenever you choose. The way to Ascension is through rejection of the darkness of the realities of life and an acceptance that the choices you make today create the world you live in tomorrow.


I AM Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), and I love you with all of my heart.