Sananda via Zane, October 9th, 2018

I Am Sananda and I greet you in love and joy.

I Am overjoyed at the progress you are making in this great endeavour you have undertaken, it is not an easy task transmuting a planet that has suffered so much negative damage. It is truly a work of God’s like yourselves to do so, and We, The Company of Heaven, applaud your efforts greatly. We are in awe at the progress you make and the intentions you set daily. It is like watching a great artist at their canvas as they create a mural that depicts their inner knowing of love. And that my friends, my family, is what you are doing. The Earth and your Earth based reality is your canvas and you are the Creators and Co-creators of the master piece, and once that master piece is complete it will be known as the New Earth, Nova Earth, Heaven on Earth, whatever you wish to call it, but it will be a place of beauty and that beauty will and is becoming a reflection of your soul, a reflection of the beauty that is within all beings and life forms, so stay steady in your efforts to create the new, and you will be overjoyed in your master piece.

I Am Sananda and I love you.