Love is our new reality

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Sanat Kumara via Jahn Kassl, January 7th, 2018

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Resonate with the energies of light that are now reaching the earth, because 2018 is offering the opportunity to dissolve blockades and remove hindering structures that are governing your emotions and dominating your thoughts. Now’s the time when everything that is holding you back and keeping you from self-awareness can be healed at the roots. Stop going in circles. Issues and blockades that keep coming back because they haven’t been resolved yet present a huge obstacle on the spiritual path.


That’s why I encourage you today to dedicate yourself with all your power to your spiritual “problem areas” this year. Don’t put anything off, continue your transformation with determination, and don’t wait until your life issues need to be reflected back to you in a painful way.

This is the time when realizations can be reaped to an unimaginable extent and with an incredible dynamic.

These times don’t wait for you to become conscious, but expect you to take advantage of these most favorable conditions for awakening that now exist on this earth.

I therefore give you three pointers, so that you can start this year with the proper attention and shape the oncoming years with wisdom, power and spiritual presence.


1.) Dedicate yourself with all your energy to the process of expanding your own awareness! Nothing is more important in 2018 than this.
2.) Use devotion, meditation and prayer as your tools.  Because every time you don’t know how to proceed, you will receive help and direct divine guidance.
3.) Be truthful and authentic in everything – that means in every relationship and in everything you do! It is better to make your own mistakes than to take credit for someone else’s achievements. Take back control and sovereignty of your own life, and know this:

Realizations are anchored in self-awareness and not theoretical knowledge or books!

These are the three pointers that matter now.


The outer world becomes more unstable, the earth is in the process of transforming energies from millennia. And human beings find themselves, no matter how they are internally dealing with it, in the midst of this transformational pull – it is happening.

Those who close themselves off from the current energetic conditions on this earth and keep up their blockades are facing the end of their journey on this planet. Because only those who hold and integrate the incoming energies step by step can participate in the golden age.

This means: Only one’s own transformation and conscious path of awareness lead to the capability of a human being to keep up with the continuously increasing frequency.


All dark and destructive forces, all those who brought evil and negativity into this world, are running out of time.

Thus 2018 will certainly provide us with further discoveries and revelations on all levels.  Many people will be shocked and recoil, and many will lose faith in the good.

Many however, the ones who have been longing to return home for lifetimes, will recognize the signs of this time.

They will face the facts with great courage, unafraid and with inner determination, and they will understand the necessity of this process.

The profound purification will shed light on the impure, and clean-up operations will take place both internally and externally, because you can only get rid of that which you are aware of.

Thus confront yourself with the truth, don’t deny it! Transform and heal everything that causes pain in the outer and inner world.

Get to work, be reborn and create the new earth.

I am the Logos of this earth. And today I call upon all human beings to return into oneness.

I am waiting for you in the light. Be guided by your longing, because it will lead you directly to me.

We are one from the beginning of all times and for eternity. Without me there is no you, and without you there is no me.


Realize your origin, touch my hem and wake up from the dream.

King of this world