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Master Mary via Jahn Kassl, December 29th, 2017

Grasping the nature of transformation means complete surrender to it.


Surrender is the prerequisite of any transformation. What does true and complete surrender mean?

Surrender means leaving everything that happens to the light or the one “master” you confide in. Wherein does the danger lie? In choosing the wrong master. How can this be avoided? By a vivid relationship with the divine and by redeemed karmic ties.

A human being who is at this point of his/her development is capable of commencing real transformation where neither Mind nor Ego interfere.

And from this moment on everything is possible, and realizations can emerge that the person had been completely unaware of.

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Some people have erroneous concepts of transformation. It is erroneous to believe that it can willfully be decided what needs to be transformed.

Some people say “I know my issues” and go about resolving them. But then something miraculous happens: New issues and their solutions appear. Unexpected obstacles build and at the same time new doors open all of a sudden. From a certain moment on the transformational process gains a dynamic of its own that can no longer be controlled – and then a journey starts that the mind would never have embarked upon.

It is the awakening into a new reality and the entry into a new area of expertise of divine nature, inspired by the dimensions of light.

Giving into this process means surrender, because neither the journey nor the outcome are predictable. And only very few are prepared or capable to pursue this course.

Even self-transformation is subject to self-control with most people! As long as this state is predominant, only small steps can be taken and only small miracles can be rendered.

Understanding the nature of transformation correctly is easy for those who know the limits of the mind and who can tame the power of the Ego.
Not without reason, they say that amongst 1 million people there is only one that can be called a true adept, and not without reason, they say that god’s kingdom is reserved only for the few.

What this means, for this time of times, is that more people than ever before will ascend into heaven, and more people than ever will take a leap and enter into the light:

1.) Be ready to rid yourself of all concepts of transformation.

2.) Be ready to let heaven decide the subject-matters of transformation.

3.) Be ready to accept everything that comes up.

4.) Be ready to surrender unconditionally.


Whoever is ready for it, now faces the questions: How can my transformation be brought about? Who can serve as my mirror? Or can I accomplish this by myself in God’s light?

I am telling you, beloved human: If you are ready with all your heart and soul, the path will reveal itself and all your questions will be answered shortly.

JJK: At this point I would like to add my own experience. I felt that when I was ready from the bottom of my soul to really surrender everything to my own transformation and to do everything for it, people and events came into my life that supported and promoted this process. Out of nowhere, the right encounters happened …

MASTER MARY: God’s work always immediately sets in as soon as a person is completely ready for it.

Then all doors open instantly, and pathways appear that had been hidden to that person up until then.

The maturity of the soul and the longing for clarity, purity and light – which equals the longing for God’s love – tip the scales and make the impossible possible.

In order to make God’s providence for the individual come true, a longing for inner healing is required. Neither requests nor pleas, but only the longing for God, will set everything in motion.

If you are filled with this desire despite your earthly tasks, then you are ready for this crucial step into your complete transformation!

Realize now what level of awareness you find yourself at.

Don’t mourn lost possibilities but seize new opportunities.

Transformation at the surface, or transformation of your entire being? What do you wish for, beloved human, and where does your longing lead you?

I love you endlessly



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