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Sanat Kumara via Kerstin Sisilla, February 18, 2019

Sanat Kumara

February 18, 2019

Channel Kerstin Sisilla


There have been questions about Earth’s inner world. In the inner part of your planet Gaia you are in touch with All That Is. Everything in the Universe is represented there, as well as everything from the surface of the Earth. You know the expressions: “So within, so the outside”, right? And “As in Heaven so on Earth”.

Your origin can be found inside Earth, secrets about your souls life journeys are to be found there also, and the truth about the creation of Gaia. You humans have participated in this more than you know. The truths are now on their way up into the light. It is time for the whole truth, without exception, to stand in the light of your soul, stand in your full power. You have all the knowledge you need to do this inside you, which you have heard many times: “So within, so the outside”. In the moment that you inside you understand the truth about your own greatness and strength then it is also there on the outside of you, in your outer world.

“As in Heaven so on Earth”: When this process now is taking place, during these current days, you create thus Heaven/Paradise on your own planet!

It is not necessary to go without “God, Christ or the Holy Spirit”, since everything is within you. “Seek and you shall find”. Many prophets and other wise women and men have tried to bring forth the truth to you. The truth has been distorted and you have been oppressed and entered into fear. Now, take the sword of Archangel Michael and face the fear. You are all the princes and princesses of the fairy tales that will emerge, woken up, in a time when peace, freedom and love will emerge on Earth.

Seek out the Christ energies and you will find them – in yourself. Seek the Creator and you will find Father/Mother God in your heart. Seek the paradise on Earth, in nature, in animals, in joy, in dance, in music, in art, in togetherness and you will find paradise is already here.

In Agartha, the inner world of Earth, you can find all the knowledge about each one of you, as well as all the original populations that once has lived on Earth – as well as all animals, even if they are extinct on the surface of your Earth. Life exists in a higher dimension in Agartha and a great technical knowledge is enjoyed. Very soon you will all be able to take part of this – when you will meet your enormously loving relatives, after having been apart for a long time.

See your world filled with love and light – of peace and justice and respect for animals, nature and your Mother Earth who is birthing you. See your greatness and strength. We, your guides and helpers in the spiritual world, see this!

With much love and respect.

Sanat Kumara




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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