Love is our new reality

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The Pleiadian Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, February 18th, 2019

Message from the Pleiadian Collective (2/18/19) | Galaxygirl

Pleiadian Collective 2/18/2019

Greetings friends we are the Pleiadian Collective, welcoming you to a yet another higher vibrational reality. For friends you are climbing a bit higher every day. The light currently bathing your sphere from the Great Central Sun, currently being redirected and deflected by our fleets towards Gaia is making a tremendous difference, which pleases us greatly, to no end. We see tremendous increases in kindness, in self love and self sacrifice. We encourage you to explore self love more fully, for your religions teaches you self sacrifice is the only way when in truth you have little to give if you give nothing to yourself. And self love must come first before you can truly love another. We see this as a stumbling block for many and wish to remedy this with a bit of cautionary wisdom. Now is the time of love, both within and without. For it will help stabilize the chaos that is here, that is fast approaching.

We are the Pleiadian Collective. You star seeds have been doing a magnificent job holding the light, for which we commend and congratulate you! You are making us most proud of your efforts and as big brothers and sisters we notice these things and offer our hearty congratulations and love. You keep hearing it will get easier from other sources, we are not sure that is quite correct and we want you to be listening to these messages with a full wide open-heart space and dismiss that which does not fully resonate with you. For that is the true discernment. What may resonate with you may not to another. You know this. It is time to find your own internal compass. We suppose in that respect it will be easier to navigate the mine fields of energies but really friends, be careful. Focus on love, focus on self care, focus on holding the light and the rest will become easier for you. Invite the universe to conspire with you, to provide most wondrous synchronicities and to confirm truths for you. And watch and wait and see. It will happen. Find joy in this knowing that you are high vibrational beings and creators who are creating this experience and do try to enjoy it. Yes, Nova Gaia is tremendously beautiful, and yes, there is much to be done here, much love to be shown here in this realm that has been long suffering. We will help you. There are many who are bursting at the seems with desire to help. And so do not be afraid, but do not think that you are not needed, because you are. You are most needed in this most precious now of planetary rebirth, of great change.

We Pleiadians are ancient, much older than you. We were with your kind in the beginning. Many of you reading these words are aspects of us in human form for the experience of the ages, for to experience planetary ascension is a very big deal and we applaud you for bring strong enough and brave enough to be there. We charge you to continue holding the light and we will continue to lovingly direct it from the Great Central Sun to optimize the energies and reduce casualties. But please know that there will be causalities, there will be change and there will be great love. We can say this because we see you as this massive team of hands and feet who are bursting with desire to serve the Mother, to serve Gaia, to do the Universal Mother’s bidding of service and renewal, and we are exceptionally excited and pleased to see how this all pans out. We do know in the end it will be perfect. You are here for the ride of it, for the adventure of it. And so be at peace in the midst of it. We are here with you. We enjoy speaking with our grounded ones and invite you to initiate a conversation. We are the Pleiadian Collective. Peace and enjoy the day, remembering to love yourself in the midst of it.

~ galaxygirl