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Sanat Kumara via Kerstin, September 12th, 2018

Sanat Kumara

September 12th, 2018

Channel Kerstin


My friends, you are on a good path. You are well on your way to get the world you have waited for so long. During thousands of years you have collected experiences that you have with you in the new era. Every time you have battled for the Truth you have been oppressed, tortured, frightened to silence or killed. Sometimes you have yourself chosen to go over to the other side in order to be reunited with your friends.

Now is the time when it is time to forget battles and shortcomings. It is time to again stand up for the Truth. The difference now is that nobody can stop you. The Golden Age is here now. Your connection with Mother Earth is opening more each day at the same time as the veils disappear. The connection with Agartha, the inner world of Earth, and with friends in the Universe is getting more frequent so that you connect with us more easily. We have always been here for you, but you have been too far away from yourselves, from your inside in order to be able to meet us.

Please go into your heart every day and ask to know whom you are. You are so much bigger, so much more than you ever can imagine.

You are all gods and goddesses with direct connection with the Creator and you can do wonders. It is time to listen to your heart and act accordingly and create wonders on Earth. See the divinity in your neighbor, your colleague and your former enemy. You are all different, with different experiences, thoughts and opinions. It is as it should be. The word is free, the thought is free, but you are all brothers and sisters and it is from this vantage point you should start. You are all part of the Creator and the Creators infinite love. Love is infinite and it never ends. The love on Earth is constantly growing as more and more of you take each other’s hands and see into your neighbor’s soul. You can see that you are there yourselves. You are one. Everything is one.

Light your light and be a role model for those that have not yet found their soul light yet. Do not judge others. Everybody is developing at his/her own pace. Maturity cannot be sped up from the outside.

A life in truth is a free life. To listen to one’s heart is a life in peace. To do what you wish in the now gives a life in joy. It is way to fool the fear to disappear forever.

Good luck, my beloved and highly honored sisters and brothers.

Your brother Sanat Kumara.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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