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Sananda and San via Angel, September 12th, 2018

Sananda and San via Angel

September 12th, 2018


Hello my beautiful light bearers on Earth,

Today we, Sananda and San, speak intermingled and as one voice and we foremost want to reach out to lightworkers who actively and consciously or unconsciously are undertaking a large mission right now. As many of you have noticed the last two weeks have been extra intensive and this is because a new type of frequencies are in the process of anchoring on Earth.

These are fantastic news and it is a fantastic job that you are carrying out. Without you, the ground crew, this could not have been carried out. You are the leaders who by opening up your heart chakra and abilities guide the new frequencies, the light and codes down into Mother Earth where she helps you to hold it and calibrate it out under balanced forms to the rest of humanity. You are the bridges between the crystalline network, the light portals and Mother Earth and in this beautiful trinity you help with the ascension of Earth.

However, this is a very intensive and physically demanding task for you lightworkers and once you are back in your bodies you are fully or half wiped out while the light continues to flow through you. You are incredibly driven, powerful and free when you work from your light bodies and sometimes we try to limit you somewhat as we know how hard it will for you once you are back in the physical reality.

This does not help much as your passion, ambition and motivation to spread the light and love break through all barriers and time after time you sacrifice your own wellbeing for the ascension of humanity. You choose with joy to serve and many of you have started to realize that this is your only purpose for being on Earth in this age, and it is with joy that we rejoice over seeing how much joy you feel over your mission.

We come forward today with this message in order to praise you and the work you do and there are not enough words that can describe what incredible pride and honor it is to be able to work with you and see you day after day unselfishly serve God and the higher purpose.

You are a true inspiration to the rest of the Universe and more and more are gathering around your blue jewel to assist, teach and guide you. You are not writing history for only Mother Earth and humanity, but for the whole of the Universe.

With love, light and pride,

Sananda and San




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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