Love is our new reality

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Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, April 4th, 2018

Dear ones,

It is with great pleasure I come to you today. YOU make me happy, YOU fill my heart with indescribable joy.

There are so many mythologies, so many stories, so many belief systems … one can see it as different ways to try to understand how everything is connected, how it all started, how it continued, what happened then and so on…. How to relate to all this? I suggest that you ask yourself: “What do I need to know to develop myself at this moment? What do I need to know to be my highest self? What do I need to know to live my full potential? ”

I tell you that all you need to know is Love. The Eternal Divine Love, the Great Light that shines within your inner heart – there is all you need to know. You connect to this Divine Presence through meditation and with practice you can come to a state I call for the Divine NOW. It is in this NOW you create the life of life you want to live, it is in this NOW you can flourish in your full potential.

Why are you here? Because you so strongly wanted to be here! You wanted to be in the front line, you wanted to be one of those who dissolved the heavy energies, you are the ones who wanted to bear the Light so that Mother Earth and all her inhabitants would be lifted to higher heights – you wanted to be part of the great Shift that is happening now. Some of you are very strong in the Light and others are working to integrate the big energy flows that now is flowing to Mother Gaia – all is happening at the same time.

Can you remember how it was when you were young children? How you could wake up with an intense longing for discovering this brand new day where everything was possible? Can you remember this inner eagerness? Can you remember this great joy?

Can you remember how you were so much in a hurry that you barely had time to eat or barely had time to put on your shoes – because you wanted so strongly to get out to play? To get out to be a part of that amazing day that was waiting just for you? Remember that joy, remember that eagerness, remember that longing for truly living life to the fullest. I encourage you to reawaken your playful heart, your childhood curiosity for the amazing world there is to discover – I encourage you to wake up your lust for life!

Instead of waiting for a certain date when great things may happen; embrace the day in this way. The great things you long for will happen when the time is right, when you are ready and you are ready the day your hearts radiate with love. This day can come anytime now. That’s why every day is so important, that’s why every moment is so important, that’s why your energy frequency is so important, that’s why it’s important to rediscover your playfulness and joy!

The high currents of energy that now is flowing over Earth could never have come unless you had opened up for them – you have opened up for this through your tireless work with yourself.

You are now moving in the higher dimensions, you are literally taking step by step. It’s going fast now because the energies are so strong and sometimes it may feel like a heavy dizziness, it may be a soft trembling along the spinal column, it may be like internal shiver in the body – or in other ways. This is your energies that wake up, they awake within you all in different ways and during short periods it can be quite intense, but take it easy, breathe deeply, relax and just let the process take place. The more relaxed you are, the smoother it goes.

That the collective energies have stabilized is the base for their increase – they go hand in hand; increase – stabilization – increase – stabilization – increase – stabilization. And you are in this process now, both at individual and on an collective level.

As you know, this is also a time of cleansing. All that does not benefit you will come to the surface to be healed and purifyed and transformed into light. You all know this, but I still want to remind you of the process: if something happens and an old wound within you is activated and a negative feeling, such as anger, arises; you know that it will not help you to express the anger, you also know that it does not help you to repress the anger – what you need to do is to face the anger, see it, accept it, let go of it and finally embrace it, fill it with love. With exercise you can do this within seconds.

Let’s do an exercise: breath deeply, inhale pure Light. Center the Light in the middle of your head, feel that your mind is quite still, it is presence, it is consciousness that observes the light in the center of the brain. Your mind is still, your mind is clear, your mind is in balance and works now the way it is supposed to – like an objective and balanced advisor, now at rest. Breathe deeply and move the Light to your inner heart, your spiritual center, enter this inner space and just be in the eternal Peace that is therein. There is no time, no beginning, no end. In your heart chakra you are connected to the eternal NOW. Breathe in pure Light and let this light fill your whole being and expand into infinity, become a part of infinity, of All that Is. You are pure Presence, you are pure Light, you are pure Joy – let this pure Joy-Light fill each cell in your body – if you encounter an imbalance or tension then let the Light dissolve / heal what needs to be dissolved / healed, continue in this way throughout the body and feel how you are energized with powerful Light-energy. Connect again with the heart center and feel the Unity with All that Is. You are now balanced, centered, whole, you are pure Light, you have now connected yourself to your Highest Self.

Do this kind of Light-exercises, or “scanning” or “centering” a little bit every day – with exercise you can do this at any time, anywhere, and in this way you increase the constant Light in your life. This Light is supposed to be a part of you, not just when you meditate but at every moment of your life.

Live from your hearts, live with your hearts, live your highest self – by seeing the highest in you, you can see the highest in those around you. You can not truly love another if you do not truly love yourself and then we do not talk about a narcissistic love but about a love firmly rooted in the Source, in Love of the Creator, in Love of the Creation.

When you use the power of your Heart – even in small everyday events, then life becomes an adventure. When you enjoy the joy of others, when you see the beauty of you next, when you can see the highest potential of what is still slumbering – then the present moment becomes a source of constant joy and the journey becomes truly enjoyable and thus becomes the goal itself. You were prepared to suffer many difficulties to come to this time, to achieve these insights, to take these step by step, to remember your pure souls, your radiant hearts, to remember by taking the steps to realize your highest selves – and you are doing this at this very moment!

WoW! What an amazing journey it is! And you are in the midst of it! By transforming your life, you transform the world! See your life in this way. Most of you do, but you also need to remind yourselves of it, uplift this power within you – constantly, in every moment. Live your highest self in this present moment, do not wait for a golden tomorrow but live your Golden Light today!

With Love and Joy, in Eternity, Amen, OM.