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Brenda’s Blog via Brenda Hoffman, April 6th, 2018

Dear Ones,

Your new direction is probably a surprise to you and those around you.

You were once thought to be stable and dependable – now you seem different. What can others expect of you? More importantly, what can you expect of yourself? For your new interests, desires, and needs seem different from what was once you.

Before you bemoan the loss of old you, determine if the old you was really you. For much of your dependability was based on society expectations instead of your needs and interests.

You probably counter that you led the life you wanted or expected including joys and downfalls.

In truth, you were never fully you even with your limited understanding of what that meant. For you mostly hid trying not to be so unusual that others would not wish to be with you.

So it is, you are starting to feel anxious and yes, upset with areas and thoughts you never expected to be upset about. It is as if your eyes have opened and the veils lifted so you finally accept your true being whether of the ten percent of your totality as was most often true in 3D or 80% as is true for you now.

Every earth life until now, you have hidden your true self so others would not berate or otherwise harm you for having different thoughts and needs than was true for those who did not prepare for this earth life as did you.

Perhaps it will help you better understand if you note the sacrifices of Olympic stars. They do not have the 3D childhoods or experiences others take for granted. So it is for you.

While the majority of earth humans coasted through their lives, flitting this way and that as they acquiesced to social demands, you were in intense training for your current life.

Even though throughout that time, you experienced fear in great detail, you pined for home and bemoaned some of the activities you missed along the way, your focus has been on this lifetime.

Such does not make you better than others, just different. For those not now at the forefront, were not interested in the same experiences as you. Return to the Olympic star example, and you will understand. For you were not interested in living as was true for the majority now of earth, just as the majority now of earth were not interested in training strenuously for this lifetime.

You are change makers. So it is that you are now fully engaged in the program you developed lifetime after lifetime while of the earth and other locations.

Your preparation included isolation, fear of failure and disclosure, and a few joys here and there. Not necessarily in terms of financial gain, but of achieving the seemingly impossible.

Now it is time for you to be the advance joy guard. But joy is what you are afraid of. It is as if you have hidden for so long that you are afraid to come out of the corners of your training grounds.

It is time to reap your rewards while of the earth in this lifetime. Not because you are greedy or selfish or any term your society uses when they are jealous of someone.

One of your greatest feats is coming out as your true god/goddess self. A fearful step indeed, but one long overdue in this lifetime.

Not following the crowd is now an acceptable concept for you. The step beyond that is what you are afraid of. Do you dare accept your power to be in joy in its totality or do you hide your power to create, to be in all your glory?

It is as if you are an Olympic star afraid to show others how skillful you are. So you accept being good, but not great.

The world now requires great.

For you are the forerunners. And if you forerunners are afraid to be truly you, who will the masses follow? So it is that your denial of your true being is becoming dishonest just as was true when you followed society to fit in as well as you could in previous earth lifetimes.

You are the forerunners creating a new human world. And you are doing so by fully claiming the skills you have honed over eons of time while of earth and other locations.

Your fears of being odd are merely pieces of unfulfilled lives while of the earth in other lifetimes. Granted, you were likely a powerful person in one or more lifetimes, but that power was limited to that agreed to with your earth society at that time.

No longer do you need to pretend that you are of earth society. For doing so will only replicate previous lives in which you hid your true power. It is time to forget the parameters of what is acceptable and move into your own.

So it is that many of your current directions are likely surprising you, as well as those who know you. Allow that to be. For only a very small portion of your totality has ever been fully of the earth. The remainder was hidden from you by you to fit in.

No longer is that required. In truth, no longer is that desired. Be you. It is beyond time for that truth. BE FULLY YOU. So be it. Amen. If you would like to receive Brenda’s Blogs when posted, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part of her Blog & Subscribe page and then click the – Subscribe to Brenda’s Blog by E-mail – line. Complete your subscription by entering your e-mail address and accepting the e-mail confirmation.

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