Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, July 14th, 2019

Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse

Dear ones,

Follow your inspiration!

I talk about the inspiration that is born from a heart connected to Source. A connected heart is receptive to divine inspiration and when you follow this inspiration your most beautiful dreams will come true.

The path to joy goes through the heart, the inner divine heart, and this awakens more and more through conscious presence.

Meditation helps you converge with your inner heart, with your divine self. You are vibrational beings and the more stable your connection is with your inner self, the more stable is the love, the light and the joy in your life.

Some of you push the practice of meditation in front of you. Saying you do not find the time, saying you do not have the surroundings needed. But do not let circumstances hinder you, find your opportunities, find your moments – the important thing is that you practice!

There is now so much information available on how to go about this that you can experiment and find ways that suit you.

And as I have said before; you do not have to sit in a lotus position and do advanced breathing exercises if this do not appeal to you. It is about quieting your mind and connecting with your heart, it is about tuning in to divine love. It is not so important how or where, the important is to get in connection with your source. Make it simple. For instance you could stay a bit longer in bed in the morning and use these extra minutes to center yourself, fill yourself with love and to charge your energy field for the day to come. Or use the time on the subway, on the bus, waiting in a queue or similar to close your eyes and consciously center yourself. Find moments every day for clearance of the mind and connecting to the heart.

The more you connect to your higher self the stronger it will grow.

For those of you who have been meditating for a long time, it is not about meditating more, but stay in the centering achieved through meditation in your every day life. To stay centered in your heart and let your heart guide you through life. More and more of you are practicing living your life from a heart centered perspective! This is the greatest news ever! We in the highest realms could not be happier! We bless your path for you are paving the road for all of humanity.

You are all unique and you are where you are. If not all is as you wish; make peace with it. Appreciate that which you like and open up for more of it. Know that things will become easier the more you practice the path of the heart and pay attention to what it teaches you during your journey.

My previous message through Mia was partly about what you eat and I wish to briefly continue on this subject.

Like some of you have not devoted the ethical issues of food to many thoughts, there are some of you who have devoted this enormous amount of thought – or just embraced someone else’s thoughts and made them your own.

Some of you mean that it is not enough to not eat meat, you should not have anything at all to do with the animals’ world. Instead of drinking a glass of milk coming from a cow, one should drink a glass of milk that comes from almonds. How many almonds are needed for a glass of almond milk? Does the almond tree grow outside your window? Do you know how to harvest almonds? How to make the beverage? Do you do this every morning?

As you probably agree, the vast majority buy it ready in carton. There is nothing wrong with drinking almond milk, but it is useful to be observant on oneself and ones values. Their origin and question what they are a reaction to and what they get for consequences.

Now it has been discovered that in order to produce palm oil, one has to grow huge fields of palm trees, which has had terrible consequences for nature, the animals and the people who live there. Ask yourself if more and more were to drink almond milk instead of regular milk would not the same thing happen?

In India, the cow is considered sacred. Why is it so? Because she gives of her abundance to man.

Nature gives man in abundance – when nature is treated with love and respect.

A cow that lives with her family of humans who give her protection, who makes sure she has clean water, who makes sure she has a roof over her head and clean straw, who helps her to give birth to her calf and lets her love her calf. The cow see these people as part of her family and in such case she gives her abundance of milk with joy.

The animals and humans belong together, the whole of creation belongs together.

A few generations ago most of you would know that a healthy hen lay about one egg per day and if this egg is not fertilized, she abandon it. One can see it as if she leaves it as a gift to those who take care of her.

Eggs contain large amounts of a person’s daily needs for proteins, vitamins, minerals, and is one of the foods that a person would survive the longest on if she was isolated on a deserted island and only had access to a few foods.

Veganism is the trend of the time in many parts of the world, especially among the young. But I would like to ask you who have these ideas is it not primarily the way that the animals are treated that you are turning against? That the animals are seen more as merchandise than as living creatures?

More than living creatures, they are divine beings. How different your world would be if you would see all as a part of the divine and have a relaxed and joyful attitude to it.

Many have lost the connection with the Earth, with the animals and with the food you eat. The media spreads images about wrongs done to animals and to nature, which are important that it come into the light. But even more important is to focus upon the healthy and well-being of nature, animals, humans; since that which you give your energy to, it will grow, never forget that my dear ones. So be careful of where you put your focus, make sure it is to that which you wish to grow and flourish. So do not always look upon what is but rather toward what you wish to be.

Your brother in Light

Sanat Kumara