Love is our new reality

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Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, October 27th, 2018

Sanat Kumara 

(via Mia Lighthouse)

”Follow your heart”

Sanat Kumara:

I wish to start with the question of who you are.

You are all divine in your innermost essence. You have chosen to be born to the Earth for several reasons, also for the opportunity to experience the physical. To smell, feel, taste, to see colors, to touch, to have bodies, to speak, to have personalities, to experience yourself as separate individuals with their own unique destiny. But you are all one, you all come from the same Source.

Who do you want to be? How do you want to live? Close your eyes and feel your body, feel the positive energies that exists in your body, in your heart, in your mind, in your soul. Let these energies embrace your entire being, all you are and create yourself, create yourself as you wish to be. You may already be just the way you want to be, just enjoy it, feel gratitude and appreciation for who you are.

Are you hurt or have an imbalance of some kind then direct this love energy to this area, or just let the love energy rinse through you and imagine that imbalance disappears with every exhale.

Breathe in the light and breathe out what you want to liberate, give it to the light to transform into light.

Whatever age you have, the young healthy body is within you, it is in your cells and your youth can be brought to life again. Anything that is damaged can be cured, all that is wounded can be healed.

Breathe in and feel the power of these words: all that is hurt can be cured, all that is wounded can be healed. Whatever age you have, the young healthy body is within you, it is in your cells and your youth can be brought to life again.

Feel the young healthy body now, feel the youth’s energy, vitality, the desire to discover life. Now let your young body live its energy, feel in the heart that this body can be born. You have the ability to transform your cells, a pure heart and a pure mind have that ability. So still your mind now. Clean your heart now. And just be in a state of being. Stay in this state for about 10-15 minutes, roughly during the time it takes you to read this text, just be in this state of pure, peaceful being.

What world do you want to live in? Ask that question in depth; what world do you want to live in?

Go beyond your daily life, think big, imagine the future. Do you want to breathe fresh air? Do you want to feel the sun’s warmth on your skin? Do you want the water you drink to be clean? Do you want the food you eat to be nutritious and taste delicious? Do you want your body to be healthy, strong, energetic? Do you want to enjoy your freedom? Do you want to feel that everything is possible? Do you want to experience that your dreams come true? Do you want to meet like-minded people? People who see the highest and most beautiful in you?

You are part of everything, you are a part of all, you all belong together and if you raise your energies, you will affect your neighbor.

If you visualize a whole, clean and fresh earth that radiates in its most complete splendor, then you influence Mother Earth and also the human collective consciousness.

There is now so much negative information around you, you are the counterweight and you are doing well as a collective, but you are many who have taken on this mission – ask yourself if you do what you can? Do you live in harmony with Mother Earth? With yourself? With your surroundings?

Step one is to be aware of your energies, that your energies are positive, kind, loving. Always have the ambition to follow your hearts and take the steps that the heart shows you. When you are connected to the heart, to the joy, to love for life, then steps are easy, they come by themselves, they simply go where there is more joy.

Many of you struggle to keep happiness and love stable and this is all natural, Rome was not built in one day. Everything is a process.

Realize that you were born into this life with different missions and different starting points.

You took on various assignments for this life. Some took easy tasks, because it was important that some of you entered the light without difficulty and could be safe and stable there, and you are doing it and it is wonderful to see.

The trap that this group may fall in is to believe you are better than others, most of you have passed this stage, but I still wish to remind you to be observant of your thoughts and feelings. You who chose the easier path must realize that there are those who chose much more difficult incarnations, maybe on behalf of many souls, so do not judge anyone.

Being exposed to abuse as an adult is hard enough, but being a child is more difficult than words can describe and many of you have chosen these kinds of challenges. You have chosen this to heal this collective karma, for humanity. It is a big mission and you are brave souls who took on this mission. The risk that you who made this choice was well aware of is that in this situation it is easy to identify yourself as a victim.

Most of you are well aware of this and have been working with yourself for a long time. You’ve come a long way, and it’s just about to continue to clean, heal, let go, forgive and enter into love as the beautiful light beings you are.

Trust yourself. You are doing well.

You who have followed my channelizations through Mia have noticed that I sometimes use her as an example. Those who listened carefully have also noticed that there has been a resistance from her side.

I have wanted to use her as an example and she has struggled with herself because this has scared her. In her imagination the next step would be that I would ask her to be one of the channels who stands on a big stage in front of lots of people and she felt a big fear of this thought.

But my dear, I will not ask for such a thing. I can say that now when you have given up your last resistance and thrown yourself into the unknown.

The turnaround on this question happened to Mia in connection with my previous channelization entitled “Time has come”, in which I mentioned in a few words the conversation we had about the example I wanted her to share. When the text was published, she read it again and was hit by her own words about herself. She suddenly realized how she reduced herself and could see that the root cause was fear, this made her wake up and let go.

This channeling is the first time she completely allows me to use her as an example. She has surrendered.

Congratulations Mia! You have now given up your fight! This is a great day of joy for you, since you now have surrendered, you have taken an important step in the manifestations of your dreams!

Do you understand? When you let go of your ego, your fears, then your dreams can be realized. Its you who is blocking your own path, no-one else.

Releasing in this way is not a one-off event, but a bit like peeling an onion, it’s layer by layer being peeled off. It is taking step by step.

It is common to reduce yourself, to compare yourself with others and push yourself down. It is part of the illusion of being separate in a ranking system where you judge each other and yourselves. Let go of this, let it go.

“How?” some of you ask, it’s not that easy when your communities are built on different forms of ranking systems.

You can only emanate from yourself. You are the example that shows the new path forward and you have to let go of your destructive patterns and let in positive and life-energizing energies in your life. All I’ve said is about this; to take control of your life and create the life you want to live – in harmony with all other life. You are part of a larger whole and it is when you realize that you are part of this larger whole and see creation from the divine perspective that everything will be transformed in your life. Everything begins with you my dear. Your life is your responsibility, so manage it well.

You all have something to learn from each other. You all belong together, you are all part of the same unit.

Some channels that claim to speak for us have been trying to influence the political situation for some time. I ask them and you where their words come from? Is it from the Light? Is it from us in the higher dimensions?

We have so many times said that we do not interfere with your free will. You are free to create the world and the life you desire. You do it through your energies and the choices you make. So, should we influence your choices when it comes to political matters? Would we say that one candidate is better than another? No, we would not.

You are free and we have all the time urged you to think for yourself, feel for yourself, nevertheless, you allow yourself to be affected immensely. You read or hear something that seems reasonable and makes it a truth in you because you trust the source that says it, that have trusted the source that said it, that trusted the source that said it and so forth.

Instead of taking a step back and studying the question from your heart, you instead defend a viewpoint that suddenly became yours.

I invite you now to go into your heart and ask yourself what kind of world you want to live in? Do you want to join a shift where your highest potentials come alive with the knowledge that this will raise humanity’s energy rate at a collective level? Do you want to live on a healthy and whole planet? Do you want to be connected to your heart and live in constant connection with the Source?

Living in constant connection with the Source means that you see the highest in all that is. It’s like being in a state of divine euphoria. Many people use drugs to get close to the experience of this condition, but with drugs one can get lost. And with drugs there is always a backlash; You wake up with nausea and do not remember much of what you have experienced – it’s a transitory state. What I’m talking about is a permanent state of being.

Being in pure relationship with the Source / All that Is, means being in a state of bright self-awareness. In brilliant love to ones self, to all manifestation of life. One is part of the Creation and have the young hearted explorers amourous relationship to all life. Yes, that was a good parable; it’s like being in love! A state of being in love with all life!

This state knows many of you all the more, all the more.

You who have followed the advices from me and many others to be out in nature and connect yourself to Mother Earth’s energy, you who really worked to see the highest in yourself and the people you meet. All of you who connect daily to your hearts and feel your heart flooded with love. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. You feel this state all the more.

Does it matter, who you elect as your leader? Of cause it does. Everything affects everything.

If you choose a leader who values people after the color of their skin, gender, their geographical origin – well, what world do you create then?

If you choose a leader who only sees the earth as an opportunity for money extraction, denying all reports that she is in a critical phase – how does such an attitude affect humanity’s relation to Mother Earth?

If you choose a leader who is eager to take to arms at any challenge, how do you see your future then?

Some of you have an idea to support leaders of this kind since you believe there will come a spacecraft and save you. But, you are fooling yourself, no one will save you from a situation you have chosen.

You have free will, it is up to you to create the loving and peaceful world you said you wanted to be a part of before your incarnation. You do this by creating peace and love within yourselves and in your life. By lifting your vibration, thus raising the collective vibrations. We come to you this way to guide you, to help you on your path, but you are the one who have to take you there.

Everything goes back to you, you are the change you’re looking for! Always go into your heart and find your truth there.

We have said it many times my dear ones; your energies are getting ever clearer and cleaner, love grows stronger, so keep your spirits up. Realize that you are constantly on a journey, a journey of discovery and that you constantly are reaching new development phases.

Now I pass the word to the Galactic Federation of Light who wish to come in and say a few words.

Your Brother in Light,

Sanat Kumara