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The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie, October 26th, 2018

Multidimensional Frequencies of Reality – The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


Multidimensional Frequencies of Reality

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Ones, all of your lives are multidimensional in that there are many frequencies of reality that your heart and mind can perceive. However, many humans are not aware of this fact, and only think to look at that which resonates to their third dimensional, daily life.

To better understand what we are saying, we will now talk about “frequency of reality.” Humanity’s ancestors who came from higher dimensional realities moved through the long transmutation process of being “peak society” because they could still remember and use their fifth dimensional consciousness.

However, over what is known on Earth as “time” the Galactics frequency of  resonance began to fall from their innate fifth dimensional self and into their fourth dimensional self. Their fourth dimensional self was still very creative, but many of their fifth dimensional abilities that resonated beyond time and space began to slip away.

It was then the once fifth dimensional Galactics eventually slipped into a “society in decline.” Therefore, bit-by-bit the fifth dimensional consciousness of the Galactics began to slip down into the fourth, and eventually, third dimensional consciousness.

Gaia, the consciousness of planet Earth, had learned within Her many Eons of “being a planet” that one needed to open their awareness to the full polarities of positive and negative in order to learn/remember how to share the lessons offered by the Planetary School known as Earth.

One of the most difficult lessons offered by Gaia’s School, as Gaia was to be a learning planet, was to assist the beings on Her planet to remember that the energy they put out into their reality would also be the energy that would return back to them.

When Gaia, which is the fifth dimensional name of planet Earth, had finally, after uncountable eons of preparing Her planetary form to host the small individual beings known as humans, She graduated into “Being a Planet capable of supporting life forms.”

By “graduating” we mean that she had transmuted Her planetary body into a frequency of reality that could house living beings. These living beings began with the plants and the insects that lived off the plants.

Soon the larger animals that could live by eating the animals that lived off the plants came to Earth. Finally, after much experimentation with different types of form on the Higher Dimensional Realms of reality, the humans beings began to incarnate on the third dimensional planet that was to be known as Earth.

At first the human beings were very primitive, and it took many reincarnations for them to remember that they had come to Earth from their Homeworld on the stars that they could see on clear nights.

The humans who thought to look up into the stars were reminded that they had once lived on one of those stars and had chosen to come to Earth to create a new version of reality. Those who could remember their homeworld, and their choice to travel to Earth to “created a new life,” became the leaders.

Those who could not remember were taught to remember. However, many of the “immigrants to Earth” became so involved in survival that they forgot about the Multidimensional component of their SELF that lived on the very stars that their, now primitive self, looked up to see.

However, the fact that these early humans looked into the stars allowed some of the early humans, who were mostly Pleiadians, to eventually remember that they had come from those stars to experience a new world.

The Pleiadians who could remember their former home in the Pleiades became the leaders, but those who could not remember their true, inner SELF, began to behave more like the animals that they saw around them.

However, these “lost ones,” as the Pleiadians called these members of their “immigrants to Earth” began to behave in a manner which was not as intelligent as the Pleiadians, and was not as fair as most animals were.

These “lost Pleiadians” fell into this behavior because they could not remember who they really were, but remembered that they were more evolved than the animals. These “immigrants to Earth” became the humans.

The Pleiadians who could retain their memory of, and communications with, their Pleiadian Homeworld were very upset about this development and called for more Pleiadians to assist them. However, the Pleiadians on their homeworld were quite busy with their own wars.

Therefore, the Earth bound Pleiadians had to create a new life for themselves with very little assistance from their Homeworld for many eons. In fact, some of the once beautiful Pleiadians became very warlike and much less creative and loving as they had once been on their Homeworld.

Fortunately, there were some very strong Pleiadians who had come to Earth via their Starship who were able to gain assistance from their Homeworld, that is when there was not a war going on there.

It was these Pleiadians who assisted the other humanoids on Earth to remember their fifth dimensional expression on the higher realms of the Pleiadians Homeworld. It was the advanced technology that these Pleiadians shared with the “humans on Earth” that allowed the to eventually create “peak societies” on Earth.

These peak societies were able to greatly assist Gaia with Her evolution and to heal the wounds that Gaia had from wars and/or natural disasters. However, since the Pleiadians had more and more problems on their own Homeworld many of them left Gaia to return to their Homeworld.

As we flash forward into the NOW of Earth circa 2018, we see that Gaia has suffered many wars and weather disasters. Humanity is has moved from peak societies to disasters and back again, but the total release of the need for wars has not yet come into the consciousness of the humans.

Fortunately, on the other hand, more and more humans are awakening to the fact that they are Galactics in human form. More and more of these humans are remembering who they were long ago and why they have chosen to take bodies on Earth.

Once an Earth bound Galactic remembers their original heritage, they begin to look a life in a very different manner. The daily grind, challenges and joys of life on Earth are unchanged, but they/you have changed. We say “you” as you are likely among the awakened and awakening ones if you have chosen to read this article.

To be an awakening one can be very confusing if you have not found any persons or literature to guide you into the immense expansion of consciousness that one undergoes when they realize that they are actually Multidimensional Beings.

Of course, the higher dimensional aspects of your human self can come into your awareness as a child, or you may not awake to that frequency of your Multidimensional SELF until you are much older. Either way, awakening to the fact that you are multidimensional can be very confusing and a bit disconcerting.

On the other hand, this awakening to your own “expanded SELF” can immensely change your life. You will no longer be “just a human,” but you will have “beyond human” thoughts, memories and desires that put you “out of sink” with the “normal world.”

However, it is actually very “normal” to be multidimensional, but it is NOT normal to realize that fact. While you are wearing your third dimensional body, you have the same limitations, and joys, as others that have not yet remember their expanded Multidimensional SELF.

Being aware of your past lives, your expanded dream world, and your ability to perceive that which is still invisible to others can bring you great confusion as well as great happiness.

Whether you know it or not, you are all multidimensional and having many versions of reality that you are experience simultaneously. However, third dimensional Earth is quite challenging, and sometimes very rewarding.

Therefore, it is easier to focus on that one reality rather than to take on the challenge of remembering your past lives on Earth, as well as your incarnations on higher dimensional worlds and realities.

However, having an awareness of  your “Interdimensional and/or multidimensional life greatly expands your “sense of SELF” to include the higher dimensional portions of who you ARE within this NOW.

The awareness of your own Interdimensional SELF also allows you to have the awareness that you are a Multidimensional Being who simultaneously exists on different worlds, time zones and dimensions. For some it may seem that only one life is more than enough, but your “other lives” are part of your Galactic Family.

Just as a big family can often be a burden, but is VERY important in your times of need, knowing that you are in constant connection with higher frequency expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF—whether or not your physical self is aware of this fact.

What if you were an identical twin, but you did not find out until you were an adult? Remembering that you have a higher dimensional expression of your physical self who is your “identical SELF”

Furthermore, this “identical self” is much more evolved than your third dimensional self as your true Homeworld is in the fifth dimension of the HERE and the NOW! Also, once you are aware of the fifth dimension and all the higher dimensions of reality, you sense of SELF will become greatly expanded.

Remembering your true Multidimensional SELF will change your sense of self and your vision of reality more than you may imagine. We, the members of your Higher SELF, are happy to embrace you with Unconditional Love and light your Path on Earth with the inter-dimensional Violet Fire.

Your higher dimensional family awaits you.

Blessings to you from all of us!

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie