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Sarah via Ann Dahlberg, April 28th, 2017


Friday, April 28, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sarah and I sometimes walk right among you now. It is a wonderful time to be on Earth. It is now that we the opportunity to let go of all our fear that in some way has gotten stuck in our body. We think it should live there, but that is not the case. The fear has rooted itself during many hundreds of years, but it is not a part of the body. It belongs to your emotional life and it should come and go exactly as joy and sorrow. In some way it has found an abode in the body whether it is in the stomach or chest or somewhere else, where it thinks it belongs. The body should ripple with clear water and then the fear must give way for this water. It must move out now when the light comes to clean this water in our bodies. It can come back if it is needed, if we are exposed to danger of some kind and need to be on our guard. Then it should retreat again. It should flow freely in our body rippling with clean water. The violet flame helps you remove your inner fears, if they have gotten stuck in your body.

The light is pouring over you now and your bodies are being woken up to their pure natural form. Take care of what comes up. Feel that the body is willing to let go of all old negativity and wants to go towards the light. This is also what you have chosen in your heart. All the clarity that emerges when the light pours into your body is needed now on our dear Earth. The light that helps our body to ripple clear cleansed water gives us the strength we need now. It helps us see clearly and understand which path that you are supposed to follow. It gives us strength and courage to follow this path.

The clear water exists in all bodies. It just has gotten a bit contaminated along the way. The Light helps you now dear children on Earth, to cleanse your water again. It might feel a bit difficult when fear and anxiety comes to the surface, but try to see it for what it is, old phenomena and fears that do not belong in your body. Ask them kindly and firmly to leave your body, as you and your body has chosen the light – see clear water flow in your body and visualize the violet flame that transmutes the fear that can be found there. It might be that you need to do this several times, but it can also be that you afterwards feel a great relief and feel strengthened in body and soul. All depends on how much you have come down to cleanse. It can be both on an individual and collective level. We have come down to Earth during this time to cleanse many layers of fear and sorrow in both ourselves and in the planet Earth that we live on. It is a big and important job that you have taken on and you have done a fantastic job. This planet has started to release its chains and you are a big part of this.

There is much joy in the chest of our Mother Earth when she sees how much her children have battled and struggled. She has done the same for you as her love for you is incredibly strong – it cannot be described in words. Her great love and joy now lifts you up to a higher dimension of love and light. It is this light that now shines into your bodies and transforms your unclean water to clean water. You become strengthened and see clearly and you will walk consciously into the dimension of light that you always have belonged to. My joy is great and I walk in with you now.








Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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