Love is our new reality

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Sarah via Ann Dahlberg, March 1st, 2018



Thursday, March 1, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Sarah and I want to thank you today that you so stubbornly and with such a solid trust hold on to the light in your heart. The love that shines out there gives life to everything that is all around you, whether it is to people, plants or animals. Everything alive absorbs the love particles that shine out from your heart. It is wonderful to see these rays of love from so many hearts today. You shine in unison with nature, which now has received a shimmer of gold around it. All auras look lighter and more beautiful today. They have started to have stronger and clearer colors. Enjoy your time on Earth now dear friends as it will become more beautiful by the day.

Many of you have turned inwards and let the light clear out the negativity that has taken hold there. They have let go of envy, anger, fear and shortcomings in their lives and instead forgiven themselves. They have given themselves and their bodies some more love. They can now move on with a lighter mind and a happier body. They see the light instead of the dark and they thank their guides and their Father/Mother God for all the help they have received. They understand the difficulties with getting on while on Earth in this heavy energy and are humble of mind for their sister or brother that they see carrying a heavy burden. They understand that they with their own living can get this sister or brother to discover that there is another path to follow. They are willing to grab the hand that is stretched out to them, but are humble enough to understand that each one has their own journey and that the free will is everybody’s free will. They can stretch out a hand, but are just as loving if the hand is not received. They are grateful to be a servant on Earth and are happy to get to help whenever they do something for the people or the Earth. Their hearts beat for all that they see, hear or sense. Everything is God’s gift and their love pours out from their hearts. They are the tools that God sent to Earth so that people once again would find their true self – to be a humble servant in love, light and wisdom.

We find ourselves in an event of rebirth – rebirth of love and light. It is a fantastic wonderful time and we watch humbly how you all strive towards your own rebirth in the light. It is a great wave of energy and vibration over the Earth today and you all impact this great wave. It is stirring in your hearts and you want to both laugh and cry at the same time. It is a movement between sorrow and joy, tough memories and a strong liberation when you let go of the past. You are born free dear children on Earth. The yoke you carry is not your yoke. It is not meant that you should carry anything. Instead you should follow the wind and feel happy and free. How many of you have not looked up in the sky and wanted to be free as the bird flying there? Is it not so that deep inside you also know that you really should be – Free and happy with an easy path to follow. Instead you have let the heavy energy push you down to the ground. This has now been changed and the heavy energy is now being dissolved to a lighter energy. It influences you to let go of what is heavy in your body to gratefully receive a lighter energy, which gives you the freedom and love that you wish. The freedom, the light and the love are here my friends and we rejoice and celebrate with you.

I love you so much.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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