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Sarah via Ann Dahlberg, November 21st, 2018


November 21st, 2018

Lightworker meeting held in Göteborg, Sweden

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I have also walked here on Earth and shared the same fate as you. There have been ups and downs and back and forth – one has fallen and then risen again, and then fallen and then risen. It has gone up and down. I think you recognize it. However, after you have ascended a bit you can fall a little bit and then ascend up a bit and right now this path is going almost straight up. It is not intended that you will fall as far down as you sometimes have done when you have walked the Earth, but there is a higher light and a higher protection today, which ensures that most of the ascension you do now will be clearly upwards.

You are anticipated dear souls on Earth – there are many who are waiting for you now. They wait for you and the ascension of Earth to the light and galactic society that exists there. This is where you are heading and this is where you will end up. The choice is in your hearts and everybody of you who are here now has surely already chosen this. There is no other path for the Earth than that of the light. It has already started its spiral and you follow along if you want to and what might feel important right now is to bring along your brothers and sisters who also walk here next to us and to try to make them understand. They do not need to go the same way as you, but they need the path of the heart. They need to find their heart and let go of all negativity and judging and the darkness you have within you in order to discard it and let go of everything, accept and forgive one self and others. You thus only need to work with yourself, you need to find your heart – to follow what you hear the heart is telling you where to go. To find the little inner voice in one’s interior that makes it possible to follow your path step by step. It might require some courage, but I know that you are brave. It might not work the way your family or your friends think that you should walk, but be strong and remain in your heart and follow the path that the heart says. It is then that your path becomes easier. It is then that you will find the clarity in what you are doing and understand where you are heading and what your part is in this life. I can see that many of you are doing this and I say as Mother Mary says – there are many around you now.

Have trust and feel the security and feel the protection that exists all around you so that you dare to take the step that your heart is telling you to take. I think you understand that this right now in this time is important to take with you and that you yourself act so that others around you see that it is actually possible to this – that you actually can follow your heart – and then more humans will do the same. I have seen this happen and I can see how it is happening now. I can see how people every day are changing and taking the steps their hearts tell them to take. I am so happy and grateful and proud for this.

I want to end for today by also saying that I love you so much, exactly as all the others that stand around you now – different guides and angels. They love you so very much. Know that you are not along.

I give thanks, Sara.


Comment: Sarah is the daughter of Jesus/Sananda and Mary Madalene.


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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