Love is our new reality

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Saul via Ann Dahlberg, April 16th


Saturday, April 16th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Saul and I have much to tell you today. First of all I am a big admirer of your courage and your achievements. You have done something that has not yet happened in the Universe. To work yourselves up from this large darkness and into the Light is a grand achievement my friends. You move victoriously towards the Light and your Mighty Father wait you there. Your Might Father is very proud over his children and we your brothers and sisters are just as proud. We have followed you during eons of time from above and together with you on Earth. It has been a long journey, but in light of its importance it has been well worth the effort. There is much that changes now, not only on Earth but the whole Universe is also taking a step forward. This ascension has a mighty influence on all life in the Universe.

Many changes will occur now and most of the changes will be for the better. Darkness will be converted to Light. Many souls will be freed from their chains in the dark. It is the whirlwind of the Light that now is flowing in and gives freedom to all who wish to have it. All you need to do is to stretch out a hand and say thanks and receive. Everything is forgiven and you will get the help you need to understand your own journey, regardless how dark it has been. We are all God’s children and he wants to help all to find their way home to their own true heart.

Many of you have now already come into the Light, but you are not fully aware of it yet, while you now and then get glimpses of the world of Light. The body is adjusting slowly but surely to the new waves of Light that now has reached the Earth. Be responsive to your body, what it wants and does not want. It will feel what is good for it now. The body adjusts to the Light and this influences you in your daily activities. What you liked before you might not be so fond of any more. Old habits have to be changed to new habits. This is why we say you cannot walk in the same tracks anymore. Everything is changing and so are you. You change in all of body, soul and mind. The soul takes the higher perspective now and takes more space in your body. The more you have cleared your nooks and corners the more space the soul will take. It influences both your thinking and your body. You are about to experience a vast transformation of your bodies. It will clearly influence you and your reality today. It will result in you seeing, feeling and experiencing things differently. What you thought and believed in yesterday might not be what you think and believe in today. Everything is going much faster and it can be hard to follow along and adjust yourself to the new self that is you today. It can feel like you take a step back to get a better view over things. If this feels good just be calm. Meditate and ask for help to get the perspective you need to progress towards your goal.

We know things are advancing quickly today. Especially for those of you who started recently, but you can get help from those that have come a step on the way. Do not be afraid to ask for help. There has to be some that are ahead that can help those that follow, the acceleration is at its strongest then. It can be hard to follow in the twists and turns and a helping hand can be needed from those that have come further and have a larger understanding of the process. Everything is carefully calculated and happens at a pace that is required for the optimal to take place. The optimal is that humanity will ascend together as one unit of love and brotherhood.

So lastly my brothers and sisters I thank you for this long journey together with you and we will see each other soon in the Light.

With much Love,




Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan