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Ashtar via Susan Leland, April 12th

Ashtar:“Practice Finding Forgiveness Within by Forgiving Others!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – April 12, 2016

“Greetings, Beloved Family!  And I shall begin by thanking you most whole-Heartedly from all of my being for the prayers, the Love and the assistance that you have given to my precious son, for he is the newscaster unlike any other. And he and his beloved are a team, now more needed by the World than ever.* And so it is that we offer you our Gratitude, which is beyond all expression!

“Now, we shall turn to the events of the day, and Archangel Michael will have much, but I will say this.**  The dark hats are in such disruption, and disarray, and even disorganization!  Their programs are literally falling apart.  And, if you have been following the news of their origins, you know that they even have programs buried deep within them.  It is through the sending of the LoveLight that they can see another way, and some of them are doing this.  Some of them are joining with those who are bringing the changes to every aspect of the lifestyle on Planet Earth – below, on and above.  They are having their own, let us say, almost ‘resurrections’ out of the depths of darkness, and they are coming up sufficiently into the Light to actually want to clear out these programs!  Now they have more to do. But some of them have joined so much, that they are doing what you call the ‘singing like canaries,’ and this is providing valuable information!


“And so I invite you to join with me and all of the Lightworkers in all dimensions and levels of dimensionality to thank them, to offer Gratitude, Loving Gratitude, High Dimensional, Loving Gratitude which automatically carries with it the Forgiveness. You see, their most challenging journey along their own paths is to forgive themselves, because as the Light shines upon them, they realize the atrocities that they have been responsible for -in some degree or other – for bringing to Planet Earth.They are so programmed to think in terms of punishment, damnation for all eternity, and so on and so on, they know not how to forgive themselves!


“And so I shall pass this to you from my Perspective, and yours, when you join in the Higher Realms.There is no one – no being on Planet Earth, below or above, and really no being anywhere – who does not deserve Forgiveness!!!  But, as I have said, for these called the dark hats, Forgiveness seems most difficult.  When you particularly understand their lifestyles – their very lifestyles have been programmed, so programmed that they have committed absolutely heinous actions against thousands and thousands of innocents whom they deem to be useless feeders, or somehow in their way.  Or even more difficult to know – and we shall not dwell here – has been the actual feeding they have done.That’s right!  You heard this!  Feeding upon helpless members of Humanity to keep themselves empowered and energized.  Oh, yes, that’s a part of their program as well, and other atrocities too numerous to mention.


“I propose that during this interval of time as you measure it, before we are together once more – I propose that you select one, one being whom you know to have worn a dark hat and whom you believe to still be wearing it and practice Forgiveness for that one.  It can even be a famous one, you know, Hitler or Attila the Hun or anybody from your history/herstory – oh, even, Shrub, Sr. or Kissinger.  Now that is an interesting name for one of these, is it not?  Somebody was trying to play a prank when they came up with that name!  Or any of those you deem to be wearing a dark hat – just select one and simply send Forgiveness.You might even put some sticky notes up – somewhere in your home where you live, or in your car – with that one’s name.


“No need to draw pictures and paint evil scowls, you know, and all that, just simply the name.  And every time you see that name, say, ‘I forgive you,’ or you can say, ‘Ho’oponopono’ or ‘I forgive you and I love you,’ or ‘I forgive you – please forgive yourself,’ or whatever comes to your mind to be simple and quick.  You may not be feeling it when you begin this practice.But just see where you are in terms of the genuineness of your feelings during this next interval between our Family calls.  You might surprise yourself and guess what?It works the same as the teachings of Beloved Sananda/Yeshua.  ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’ and‘Love yourself as thy neighbor!!!’


“Well, guess what?  When you start sending Forgiveness to this one individual as representative of all of the 1% of dark hats, or however you choose to see it, you will find a lifting up of your own spirits!   Because if there is something that you have yet to come to – perhaps you’re not even consciously aware that it’s there to forgive – you will find that in forgiving another you will also be extending unconditional and loving Forgiveness toward yourselves!  Because that is how it works!!!

“So it will be interesting, will it not, for you to do this!  And you don’t have to stop at the end of two weeks.  I am only suggesting that you at least give it this long, as you measure time, and see what happens.  It is yet another experience that you can give to yourselves as you make your way upward and onward on your own personal Ascension Paths.  And it’s a marvelous and miraculous thing to do for yourselves, even as you are focusing upon extending this Love, this Forgiveness and, yes, Gratitude to another.  So, with that focus, proceed!!!

“Now, I will also mention that, yes, these upside down energies, as they might seem to be, are serving a grand purpose.  There will be more waves.  It is a time for you to reflect, uplift even Higher and do whatever else there is for you to do within your own beings.  The more Light you bring in, the more you energize yourselves with it, the easier it will be to ride on top of these waves of energy!!!


“In this particular location – geographical location on Planet Earth – I am sure that you all have had opportunities to see the experiences of those who would ride on the top of the waves. They are called ‘surfers.’  And in this particular location where this Voice and our Beloved Webmaster live, there are surfers everywhere.  Some of them are successful in riding on top of the waves, and it feels grand and exhilarating, and it’s uplifting and it is Joy-full, and all of those things and more!  But sometimes, they are not able to ride on top of the waves and they get thrown off of their boards upon which they are riding.  And sometimes they encounter some bumps and bruises along the way, and so on and so on.

“Well, that is a good picture for you.  Where would you rather be?Would you rather be on top of the waves, riding the beams of LoveLight?  Or would you rather be dumped off, so to speak, left in a pause situation before you can climb back on and ride on the top again?  It’s your choice.  Everyone has Freedom to choose! Even those in the most oppressed of circumstances have Freedom to choose, as difficult as it might be.Because where we are going, Beloved Ones, is to absolutely have you have the innerstanding, the outerstanding, the knowing, and the presentation and the Perceptions of yourselves as being the Masters of Yourselves!  And so it is to practice mastery.That is simple enough, is it not?

“You have all been reared, shall we say, upon the concept of gaining mastery, whether it is in mathematics in the schoolroom, whether it is in a hobby or in artistic endeavor – whatever it is. And you have a saying.  And the saying is one that is called, ‘Practice makes perfect.’  Well, who is the judge of whether you are doing a perfect job or are perfect beings, or whatever – you! It starts and stops with YOU and within the totality of your beings!!!

“Now, you can get some additional input – sometime wanted, sometimes not – from your fellow humans.  And even the Kingdoms of the minerals, the animals and the plants will respond to you, if you choose to connect and get their ‘take,’ as it were on how you’re doing.  And you’ve had many along the way who have been in positions of being able to extend to you their observations of how you’re doing!  You may even be in a relationship now where there are one or more beings who are giving you their ‘take’ on things.

“Well, free yourselves from all of that, Beloved Ones, because you’ll save yourselves a lot of stress, upset, and distraction away from what you’re really here to do, which is to become your own Masters!  So I, Ashtar, am here to tell you that the judgment, of all of the Beings of LoveLight, of each and every one of you is that you’re all Divine!  You’re all in charge of your own Paths; you’re all in charge of your own Ascension procedures and preparations, and it is for you to take charge of yourselves!!! That is being who you came here to be.  And that, Beloved Ones, is the Truth of Who You Really Are, as it is seen from the Light.

“So be not dismayed if someone tells you that you are not Divine and absolutely the Perfect Child of our Creator, and so on and so on.  Forgive!  Or, as another great Master, another great teacher has said, ‘don’t take it personally!’***  Be sovereign unto yourselves.  That is a part, a major part of the Mission that we came here to assist with – FREEDOM FOR ALL!  And that means your own individual sovereign Freedom, to know yourselves as we do, which is as Divine Beings of LoveLight becoming – becoming in your own self-Perceptions – the Masters you always have been and always shall be.  How’s that for a bit of Truth? What a great intro to Archangel Michael, who is here with even more Truths!

“Well, I Ashtar, will tell you one more Truth, and that is that I and this entire company hold you in the highest of esteem and we love you beyond any mere words that I could express – although I certainly want you to be knowing the Truth of what I have spoken and what I am conveying to you now!  And that is that you are not alone – you never really have been.  You have your Higher Dimensional Selves – the aspects of you, which always see you as the Lights You Are!  You have all of the LoveLight of the Universe and all beings of LoveLight, and you are each one.  We see you as being One in that LoveLight!!!  So see yourselves in that Perspective and know that together, we are accomplishing all of the grand and miraculous changes that the World has been waiting for!!!

“And that, Beloved Family, is why you came and what you’re here to do.  So let’s get on with it!  We are honored and grateful to be in your presence and to be in this grand Mission of partnership with you.  So let us go forward in Joy, in Love, and in the knowing that we’re all made from the same Divine Light of Love!  And so it is.  Salut!”
** The transcript of Archangel Michael’s message will be published.
***Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements.
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, April 12, 2016.
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