Love is our new reality

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Saul via Johan Smallman – Your intentions are powerful, September 9th, 2023

Your intentions, when aligned with God’s, are enormously powerful.

As you wait expectantly and enthusiastically for your collective awakening, continue to set the intent at least once daily to be loving in every moment, regardless of what may be arising that could be or is disturbing your peace or causing you anxiety.  Remember that anything that is not in alignment with love is unreal, even though in the moment it can seem to be extremely real.  You are experiencing an unreal state of life, a state of seeming separation from one another and from God.  There is NO Such State!  You have freely chosen to believe that that is not true and have constructed an environment in which to experience as very real the fear and anxiety that such a state would impose upon you.  It is a collective ego construct.  Your egos are a major aspect of this illusory or dream state – it is their only reality! – and therefore fear is their normal state of mind, especially as it is coming to an end.

What is unreal – anything apart from Love – cannot and does not last, it is illusory and those dreaming it will awaken, there is no other possible outcome.  Love is your nature, your only nature.  What is not of Love – your egos and all that they appear to inaugurate, institute, and authenticate – will simply dissolve and be gone as all come to the realization that only Love is Real, and that what they have been experiencing that is not in complete alignment with It never existed.  What a wonderful awakening you are bringing to fruition.  As the unreality falls away many will be amazed that they allowed themselves not only to convince themselves that it was real, but also to engage so fully with it, in spite of the enormous pain and suffering that it was delivering.

You are presently incarnate as humans by your own very loving and free will choices to massively assist in the collective awakening process.  Without your presence it would not occur.  Mother/Father/God knew that at this precise moment in time you would most certainly be ready and available to offer your assistance, and that the human collective would be ready to fully engage in this process.  This is why it is happening right now.  Yes, the human collective is awakening just as divinely intended, enabled by the collective utterly free choice to fully participate.

As you look at the world around you and are unable to be unaware of the enormous amount of pain and suffering in so many places, you can also not be unaware that your awakening needs to move forwards powerfully and enthusiastically.  You are setting and resetting the intent that this happens, and this collective intent is extremely effective.  Remember that you, each one of you, are at all times eternally fully connected to Mother/Father/God, the infinite energy field of Love in which all that has been created or will ever be created is alive, and are creatively expressing yourselves as individuated expressions of God.  Thus your intentions, when aligned with God’s – as they are right now – are enormously powerful.

Therefore I would confirm for you that the most effective and powerful way in which you can individually assist in the collective awakening is simply by being.  Yes, Just Be!  You have been told this many times, and it remains absolutely true.

Just being means to love, honor, and accept yourselves fully just as you are, and just as God does.  Let go of all doubts about your worthiness or competence, and most certainly totally refrain from comparing yourselves to others, whether you view them as more or less spiritually advanced than yourselves.  Comparisons and judgments such as these are completely meaningless: Mother/Father/God views you all just as your are – totally and utterly perfect, just as she created you.

Therefore, in being your beingness, intend to be a fully open channel through which Love flows abundantly to all sentient life forms, without any exceptions, and know that that is also God’s Will for you.

You are all most abundantly blessed and loved in every moment, and this state is incapable of change.  You ARE Love, and Nothing else!

With so very much love, Saul.