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Sirian Archangel Hermes via Czar, March 22nd

Greetings fellow beings of light! I come to you now as the penumbral lunar eclipse is set to occur, with the energies of the equinox flowing strongly within your spaces of linear time. I come also with messages for the prophets. Those who have followed my messages will know, it is during these times that a window opens, allowing for my messages to be transmitted through my channel, and then to those whom are aware. All who are able to read or hear my messages do so only of their own will, and are drawn to them by their own alignments and choices. Those who are unable to see or hear my messages, are not able to simply because they have not yet opened their minds, they have not yet attuned their own inner frequency to interact, to align, to comprehend. A parable of this, to better comprehend, is to think of two lines, each with a wave that repeats, such as the symbol of Aquarius. The lower line does not interact or cross over into the upper line, therefore while both exist within the same symbol, they exist in duality, unaware or the polar opposite of each other.

Such is the same, as above so below, on your world. There exists another realm, hidden to most, because they are unable to see, to feel, to comprehend, and ultimately, to believe that such a thing could exist. The allegory of Platos Cave is another parable to consider.

The prophets of truth are being given dreams, messages, and premonitions eluding to what is to come. It is becoming more and more clear to them, that their abilities are real, however for many, they are only real to themselves. It is during these times, in which the prophets begin to observe and behold their own prophecy becoming manifest, that pressures can begin to build for their own psyche and mental health. Events which they have already foreseen, manifest before them, and while they know they have been delivered prophecy, most everyone around them knows not. The life of the prophet is solitary, isolated, until the day in which they leave their own country, it is only then, that a true prophet becomes acknowledged and observed. For no prophet is accepted within their own nation or homeland.

Difficult becomes the life of the prophet! For their physical bodies reside upon the Earth, yet their mental and light bodies exist beyond, before, and after the physical. The lives in which they must live as a human, differ greatly from the lives they are living beyond the physical realm, often causing a duality of chaos, of madness. To deliver prophecy to their peers and friends, is only to isolate them further, for only those whom are also aware, shall even begin to comprehend. Finding others that are aware, locally, becomes something of an enigma. Of you that now read or hear these words, how many have noticed, that your friends which are able to comprehend the metaphysical and supernatural aspects you know, all of them are distant yes? Finding anyone locally to speak of such subjects with and be taken seriously, they simply are not there, are they?

This is for a good reason, for the light which descends to the world does so in the darkest of places at first, alone, isolated. Over linear time it begins to shine its light more brightly, illuminating and reveal what is truly going on in the darkness around them. Many forces do not wish for their dealings in the darkness to be revealed, and this is another aspect of the pressures which can build in social correspondences, leading to discord and cognitive dissonance, which is made even more discordant by modern lifestyles, upbringings and conditionings of the masses.

Humans were once a race of beings which functioned as a collective, within tribal civilizations. However, at some point in the time stream, the concept of duality was introduced, leading to the formation of the dark cabal. Ever since, humans have been conditioned and trained not to unite, but to value independence, original thought. When times of chaos come to life forms which function as a collective, they worry not about single lives, and work fearlessly and seamlessly to restore order, such as the insect kingdoms, the animal kingdoms, and other such life forms on your world. Humans however, in times of chaos, rarely unite, and will fight for their own individual survival instead of that of the greater colony. Much of the life forms in which you observe everyday, are far more advanced and intelligent than most could ever comprehend, and again the parable of Aquarius is seen here.

There exists a race of bi-pedal, human looking beings, which function as a collective on your world. They are the dark cabal and the branches of its tree, they hold power in every aspect of control needed in your world, military, finance, medicine, religion, industry, culture, all of your modern mainstays. The are able to retain control simply because they function as a collective. To them, there is no independent thought, no pure creativity, they are mimics. They survive only by feeding from your creativity and originality. Their greatest fear is chaos, for in chaos, their power fades and the chances of original creation, which is beyond their control, can manifest. Ordo Ab Chao, or order from chaos, is their creed. They initiate chaos when the scales are about to tip from their own favor, and quickly play the role of the savior, attempting to regain the trust of the people through trauma, tragedy, war and chaos, by restoring order. Therefore, I say to you now, when you are in the midst of chaos, be wary of the ones who extend their hands and offer help to you, for while they may have your best short term interest in mind, you can be certain that in the long term, they seek only to enslave you further. That is the creed of this world now, those who are born, manifest here, are raised to believe that they are forever in debt, and owe this controlling entity to exist.

As the world grows more chaotic, you can be certain that this chaos is being created by the same entity which fears it, in ever growing desperation of how to regain order and control over those caught in the chaos. It has worked since the dawn of duality itself, but as we of the higher realms begin to integrate more and more, reminding and guiding those who remain open to our teachings, more will remember, and the chances of an eventual tipping point grow. The cabal has forgotten, that while you can entice chaos, you cannot control it. Their fall will come by their own hand, their own lies, their own deceptions and their own creations. It is inevitable.

I come to speak of climate change, which is also by design, let no other tell you that these events are natural. All climate is by design, and what is happening now is your world is being conditioned to become more temperate, warmer along the tropics of Capricorn and cancer. The reason for this is clear to the open mind which thirsts for knowledge. It is much easier to control and condition human beings of a warmer climate, than it is a colder one. It is easier to control the crops, the food supply, and also disease and bio-weaponry.

This is why most of your polar regions, save for the hidden civilization of Antarctica, remain purely tribal. This is also how the cabal was able to appease the native american and other tribal nations. I say appease, because those nations are still allowed to exist, with their cultures and law, however, within reservations set aside by the cabal. The native tribes possess the spirituality of the past, and it is this type of metaphorical nihilism, which allowed for them to continue their way, and not be completely infiltrated by the cabal. This is also how they are aware of the metaphysical and supernatural manifestations of the world, such as the lore of the Hopi tribe. Therein is a clue for the rest of you, who wish to honor and retain the ways of the ancestors which beg and weep for their culture to not be forgotten.

The ultimate goal of the dark cabal is to initiate a new world order, expand their pyramid of power until it is absolute. To do this however, they know they must always retain some type of human element, some type of life form which can be easily controlled and conditioned to conform to their rule, but not become completely void of creativity and original thought, as they have. Just as mankind must consume to survive, so must they. Just as crops and animals are nourishment and food for man, so is man for them, and just as man is blissfully unaware of this concept, so are the crops and animals.

It is only those who have the ambition and courage to learn these truths, and then begin to live their lives in such a way, that the window of prophecy opens for them. Prophecy is a gift not for the meek, but for the strong, for only the strong can exist in the present, knowing the future. Those without such strength return to the past, to continue their own great work.

I come to the prophets now with a message. You must erase your doubts, you must know that the visions and dreams you are being given are reality, it is only the illusion of linear time and distance of space which will lead you to doubt, to question. For your visions may come in the present, and not manifest until the distant future, however they will manifest. Metaphor will be your cipher. Bathe yourselves in the rays of the moonlight, for it is there, which the narrow stream of prophecy which you are being given now, widens. Thoth, another name given to the gestalt which makes up the Hermes entity, has the moon upon his crown. The horns which cradle the moon are the thirst, the hunt, for knowledge, and the deities of the mythology of the past show this to you each time you study of them, however, are you able to see? Horns are not a sign of evil, they are a sign of one who is thirsty, who is ambitious, who hunts, who seeks. It is that foundation of motivation, which makes knowledge and wisdom comfortable, which cradles it and welcomes it. Heed my words now, go beyond reading them, feel them, live them, and you will know all that I have said to you is truth! Always thirst, for that which is empty, yet yearns to be full, shall be filled.

In infinite love, I am looking at you this way. Blessings in light!

Channelled by : Sirian Archangel Hermes

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