Sirian High Council via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, July 13, 2020

Sirian High Council via Galaxygirl | July 13, 2020

Sirian High Council 7/13/2020

Greetings beloved family, we are the Sirian High Council. We are returning to further the codex expansion of our previous message that we appreciate has been well received by many. Our message today is simple: keep going. Keep continuing in your own personal expansion of renewal, of inner exploration and self discovery. For within you is Source and therefore the wisdom you seek. We wish for you to feel safe on your planet and in your bodies. We have been with and observing this one since our last message and as a ninth dimensional being it is sometimes hard to remember what it is like within a third dimensional form. We are reminded daily of the amount of work it takes just to sustain your physical vessels, the time for cooking delicious food, for clean up of this lovingly prepared meal, the time and effort it takes for you to go to and from your jobs, let alone the labor of your jobs themselves. We see you carrying the light as you do these things – no small feat. We see the loving interactions you are having with your children, younger friends and family and it gives us such hope for humanity. For not only are you succeeding with the mundanity (which is anything but) of your day but you are doing it holding more light. We see that the expansion of your inner monad-codex is rising in frequency moment by moment so that you are continually able to absorb more light, which is the entire process of ascension. Letting the old go, letting the lack go so that new ideas of expansion and abundance of the inner life can take hold. We see rich inner lives. We see the variety of timelines that you have infinite access to and we see you holding more and more firm determination for only the highest and best timeline for your own personal ascension. This warms our hearts. We have always loved humanity but our love we admit has indeed deepened over the past few days as we have had more intimate access to the inner lives of the light workers that have asked to work with us. (I am seeing points of lights all around the globe lighting up with Sirian codes. I am seeing light workers tear up and release so that the new can come in. I am seeing DNA light up like rainbow spirals all through the human body and I am hearing the song of creation that we have not heard in a long time hum with joy within our bodies. We are becoming attuned to the music of the spheres I think).

We are the Sirian High Council. We want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts for connecting with us, those who have chosen to do so. It is equally beneficial for us, as we have a bit of a window into the human lives currently on Gaia. We see and we feel the exhaustion that you have been dealing with and we wish to send you some energy of joy, of new love and light and purpose. We wish to send you a blast of joy, if we may, from our system to yours, for you have given the world and all of us such a great gift by just being there and shining your light. (I am seeing us all volunteer in a grand ceremony and our delight at our name being called for the final selection. We were excited to come, we knew we could do it. We knew we would find each other in the right moments but we knew it would overall be a solitary road of deep inner work and planet purging). It is time to come together light workers, family, friends. It is time to come together. This feeling of isolation that is very real within your past experience could be infused with some joy, we think, some sparkle of hope and reunions to come.

We of the Sirian High Council wish to extend our right hands to your hearts. We remove with love and with your permission the feeling of isolation and we replace with joy, with hope and with deep community. For we are here for you. Just as you have been here for us and for everyone else. We are here for you. You will find your tribe. See, it is being created even as our message goes out around the globe. Repeat if you desire “I call forth and I allow the codes of Sirian joy and bliss that I have experienced within their system to wrap and to soothe any heartache I have experienced here. I activate my inner joy. I choose to sound the inner call for my spiritual tribe and I extend friendship and welcome to those who are vibrationally aligned with my own journey. I send love to my Sirian counterparts and I welcome all of the support, love and divine protection afforded to me be my spiritual family. I feel safe. I feel surrounded in love. Isolation is but an idea that I can upgrade to family. I choose to upgrade this now. I am surrounded by family, loving friends of my past and my future. I am divinely supported in all things. I surround myself with the joy of this knowing. So be it.”

We are the Sirian High Council. Blessings on you, dearest of star seeds. You delight us. We honor you this day. Be at peace in this divine support and feel your family all around you, for we are. Our final message to you today is to keep going, continue, one foot in front of the other with a joyful and light heart, knowing that we are walking alongside you. Knowing that you are surrounded by angels in the ethers, knowing that you are on the right path for this arduous journey and that you have already succeeded. Infuse each step with more light and your footsteps reverberate around Gaia with the gentle vibrational hum of love. We are the Sirian High Council.

~ galaxygirl