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Sirius the Star via Ann Dahlberg, August 1st, 2018

Sirius the Star

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

Sirius the Star

I am a star in your Sky – A star that watches over you day and night. We have always been close to Earth and listened to its efforts to keep and strengthen the light in its inner and outer being. Earth has always been a little pearl in the Universe, with a peculiar energy of both low and high frequencies. She has battled hard to keep the balance in an increasingly dark outer world. Much light has now been sent to Earth in order for her to regain the balance that she wishes to have and is so well deserved of. The light now shines out from her inner parts and the light shines in gold shimmering colors around her now. She is beautiful our dear Earth and she now shines towards us and tells us that she is ready – ready to again ascend up into her full purity and radiance. We assist her – all us stars that are around her in the sky let our light beams shine towards her in order to welcome her home.

It is a big event in the Universe, just as it is a big event for you, but in a smaller format. The light from your hearts are now radiating out from inside and tells us that you are ready to follow your Earth up into the light. There is a shimmer of gold around you. The light energies from space also embrace you and welcome you home. It is the same in the micro as the macro. You have surely heard this many times, but maybe not full understood. Everything is happening in synchronicity with everything and it is happening at many different levels in the macro as the micro. An event that is happening at a macro perspective can flow down to a micro perspective and vice versa. Everything impacts everything since everything is movement and energy in different forms and frequencies. Also your thought have an impact even if you are not aware of it. Ponder then that your conscious thoughts have a stronger impact that your unconscious ones. It gives a faster penetration so the responsibility for your conscious thoughts increases – so be careful of what you think of dear children on Earth. There is a myriad of different energies from your world of thoughts. Your heart energy is more stable and calm. Be true to yourselves and follow the voice of your heart to more easily find the path of light that is yours. Surrender yourselves to the wishes of your Father/Mother and become the humble servant of the light that you always have been inside.

We send you light energies so that you more easily will find your own force and the light that resides within you. The light has taken over Earth and it is time for all butterflies to fly and show their splendid robes. Feel how the light energy moves inside you and impacts your mind and your actions. You change from day to day and it is important to stick to the heart for it feels all changes and can adjust to them. Let the flow run through your bodies and close your mind to all resistance that might surface. This is not a time for resistance – it is a time for going with the flow and receiving. Receive the flow and give of the flow – the surplice of love that now flows out from you who have anchored the energy on Earth.

We thank all of you for this moment of love and the start that has conveyed this message is Sirius.

Go in peace. Go in love.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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